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I wonder.

Why don't I play outside with my kids more? Why don't I play their games and spend my time outside with them?

Last night we went to our Goddaughter's 1st Birthday Party (Happy Birthday, N!), everyone else had left and we were (supposed to be) rounding up our kids, when I saw the girls jumping on the trampoline.

So, I hauled myself up there and jumped and jumped (until my bladder proved that I was getting old and I need to go potty before I became the second guest of the day to wet her pants...) ;) and then jumped some more.

On the way home one of the kids said, "Mom...why don't you play outside with us more like that?"

And I didn't have a single answer.

Excuses, yes. Dishes, laundry, (Hunger Games), peace and quiet, supper, yada yada yada.

Fer dumb. All that over time and memories spent with my kids?

I am going to try to make a good, solid effort to get outside and spend some play time with my kids from here on out. My time with them actually wanting me around is why the heck am I not jumping at the chance to do it more often?!

Less "not right now" and more "sure why not" is about to start happening!


  1. I remember the local paper coming to my elementary school when I was in second grade. A few of us were asked, "What would we do differently as parents?" My answer, "Take my kids to the park more often."
    I loved going to the park, but didn't get to go that often. And now that I'm a parent, I realize how easy it is to get caught up in the routine of chores and just say no when they ask. So everytime I think about answering with no, I remember that article and try saying yes.

  2. This is one of my favorite things to do, yet it seems I don't do it often enough..Kinda like you, other things, more pressing things, take any open time I have..Thanks for the inspiration to fill my 'free time' with fun stuff instead :) God Bless!

  3. Funny you write this. Over the weekend, I was playing hockey in the driveway with my boys. My 8 year old said, " are really good! How come you never play with us?" I had no answer. I'll be playing a lot more hockey this spring and summer. :)

  4. My kiddos are all big now. I hope you can get out there with them and play some kickball--that's not too physically demanding! Or kick the can or ghost in the graveyard as the sun is going down.

  5. I was referred over here by a blogging friend who noticed that our posts today were similar. I love this. My guy is still too little to go out alone, but sometimes I forget to sit right down on the floor with him and play blocks, instead of checking my email. As he gets older, I will make a great effort to play outside with him as often as I should.

  6. I made an identical promise to myself very recently! Glad you had fun with the kiddos! And seems they appreciated it :)

  7. That is so great! I really need to step away and do that more too. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. I always feel bad for not playing outside with Isabelle more. But I just HATE being outside. The pollen and the heat and the yellow jackets, and the wasps. It's all too much for me!!!

  9. YAY for that decision! You're completely right, the kids grow much faster than the dishes do! (My plates haven't grown an inch since almost 18 year old nieces were born and no matter how good the cookies, I've enjoyed the girls more!)


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