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I'll Never be a "Real" Dance Mom...

In this post, I mentioned that I'd provide you with "more on that" several it is...

Being a Dance Mom? I just can't hack it. As much as my girl LOVES her'll never be a serious endeavor over here.

See...I guess I'm just a prude. That video of those incredibly young (and very talented...unfortunately that talent was NOT put to good use) girls dancing to "Single Ladies" in a very inappropriate and provacative way stunned me.

I COULD NOT believe that anyone in their right mind would a) choreograph a routine like that for girls under 8 (maybe even younger, I can't remember for sure) b) design costumes that trashy for aforementioned age group and c) that parents would be okay with their daughters dancing AND dressing like just flabbergasted me.

Anyway, when our girl joined danced I was all...ugh. Dance? Then, I saw how much she loved it and that it provided her with an organized activity and then I was all...*sigh* all right.

Up until the last two performances, I was okay with what I was seeing. Appropriate routines, costumes that while I'd never have chosen the color scheme, they were okay, music that wasn't neccessarily enjoyable, but at least tolerable.

Then, came the first of the last two performances...the first time we saw some of the new routines for the other groups. When a song started out, "Dirty B...." and then launched into some sort of hip hop medley my jaw dropped. "Dirty B"??????????? and the very last beats of the song closed with...guess what?


Come ON! And, not to mention, that there were a few beats of "Girls" by the Beastie Boys...I know, I know "a few beats" who cares? Well, for those of us who grew up with the Beastie Boys, hearing those few chords, we KNOW exactly what that song is and what it says! GAH!

The costumes were okay...a little too "off the shoulder/ripped" for my taste, but no fishnet stockings or thigh high boots or anything. Phew.

Then came last weekends competition. Were our girls were instructed to wear make-up...and RED lipstick. They all looked like little harlots. Who makes these rules? These rules that our girls have to wear red lipstick? And why? Do the judges really think those cute little faces look better all gooped up?

*Sigh*...I'm probably in the minority over here, perhaps a little too "prude-ish"...but man. I actually enjoy watching the dance performances...but making our girls grow up and dress/look older than they are is unfortunate.

And what's more unfortunate is that there ARE costumes out there that are cute, and modest, and why opt for the trash?!

I don't get it.

In other news...we TOOK 3RD!! (Yay!! Yippee!! Hurrah!!) Only, there were only 6 teams, two tied for 1st, one took 2nd, and we took 3rd. Which was really 4th...thank goodness for that tie! ;)


  1. Well, this brings to mind those toddlers and tiara shows. They make me SO mad... tanning and false teeth for a 3 yr old? Fake mascara and scarlet red lipstick? Its horrible.

  2. I'll just agree to have different opinions. My child has been in a ballet line for the last 4 years. Make up is worn for the stage and so each girl looks the same so the audience can view the dance has a whole. She's no little Harlow with it. She dislikes it but loves the dance time, no competitions though. I have seen her confidence explode for which I'm thankful. Her outfits are fine, since it's ballet.

  3. I so agree with you on this! I have 2 daughters, only 1 in "pre-dance" (she's 3)... but the studio in our very small town has done some pretty risque numbers with their tween dancers in the past few years that are making this mama go "oh no no no" we will not be taking that class. I have seen makeup and costumes that certainly push the boudaries of age appropriate, especially combined with music choices! I know there is a certain innocence that the girls may not really know what the song is about, but to me, that's not reason enough to expose them to the songs!

  4. I've only begun to be a "dance mom" since this is the first year for my daughter to be competing with her studio. She's been dancing for three years now and the make up part, it doesn't shock me. I'm ok with it. I've had my issues with how the instructors are a bit harsh with the girls, but I will proudly stand behind the studio we go to. They are very conservative about the outfits and the music they choose. A lot of other studios are more "edgy", mainstream and try to stick with what's "in". They want the "wow factor". Well the wow I give is, OMG those girls are like 8 and they look like (I won't say it) ------!!
    If only the mothers to those girls didn't allow that to happen. I don't mind being a dance mom, as long as it's clean. :)

  5. This is another reason I'm terrified to have a girl. I guess I'm a prude, too. I would have been totally offended with the song choice. Ugh.

  6. I agree with ya mama! That is exactly why I am avoiding dance and cheerleading with all I have. If the coaches/teachers would just realize that you dont have to be trashy to win! I cant even get on this soap box.. I just cant.. but I wanted to let you know you are not alone in this. Why can't we just let them be little.

  7. I am so far from being a prude - so, so far - and I totally agree with you on this one! My 11-year-old stepdaugther was a cheerleader for her school this past basketball season (and, therefore, I had to endure more than a few games). I was shocked at some of the stuff the dance team performed to -- and some of the dance moves these girls were doing. Ummm, that's grown folks stuff! The make up doesn't bother me so much but, sheesh, let's keep age (and audience!) appropriate music. And I think everybody can agree that no 11-year-old girl needs to be busting some of those dance moves!

  8. Maybe look into tap or ballet? Both are more conservative. Ballet is very self disciplined as well, which is a great skill to encourage at this age. I want my girls to do dance, but we won't be going the cheer/hip hop/ copmpetive route. I want them to be strong and self disciplined, which is why I think ballet is amazing! One more thing....ballet is more theatrical, so when shows are put on there is a story behind the dancing and the costumes and makeup go with that; like the Nutcracker or Sleeping Beauty.

  9. oh man, my girls want to do cheer but I look at what the girls are wearing and I am embarased for the girls. so glad we think alot alike

  10. As for the make-up, I can see why they have them wear it. It is so that the girls have color in the lights. The shine of the stage lights (if they are on-stage) makes them look really really pale and can affect the overall visual of it all. So having SOME make-up on, is probably not bad, but I have seen what some of these dancers around here wear.... it's crazy! :(

    As for the costumes.... well.... four years ago, my daughter wanted to try dance. She was 4. That was fine. I did dance when I was little. So I did my research. I went back through about 15 years of pictures from the studios here to see the costumes for recitals and competitions. They dressed the little girls very little girls. The older girls costumes were a little (shall we say) smaller than I would have preferred, but we decided to cross that bridge when we got to it. Now, my daughter is in gymnastics. :) She didn't want to stay in dance any longer. So we had 3 years of very appropriate outfits. :)

    I think that dance instructors should keep in mind that little girls are little girls. Luckily we had a Christian dance school here in town that realized that. :)


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