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Five Question Friday! 2/25/11

Raise your hand if you're glad it's Friday...

*Raises hand...and waves it around wildly!!*

Big, gigantic sigh of relief that it is the weekend. *Siiiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhhhh* Ahhhh...

My big boy is feeling down and out. Sore throat...he says, "it feels like my throat is on fire". :( Guess part of my day today will consist of running in for a strep test.

Okay, let's get this Five Question Friday show on the road!!

Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning! And most of all, HAVE FUN!!

Questions for Friday, February 24th: (Special thanks to Sandy, Steph, Brooke [previously broken link should be fixed now!], Tammy, and Rene for their question suggestions! If YOU would like to be linked in a future 5QF, c'mon over to my community and offer up your best question suggestions! Feel free to shout 'em on Twitter, too! @5crookedhalos)

1. Can you drive a stick shift?

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?

4. How do you pamper yourself?

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?


1. Can you drive a stick shift?

If forced to, yes...I think I could.

I used to drive a stick shift. An old beater Honda Accord that I ran to the ground...she treated me good, then I mistreated her...and she blew up on me.

But, stick shift it was!

And, I was pretty dang good at it, too, if I do say so myself. Only, it's been a few years. Okay, really, it's been a lot of years. Too many years.

I'm scared that stick shift driving is NOT like riding a bike. I think that if I got into drive a stick shift, it would be a rather stuttery, grindy, shakey ride.

It wouldn't be pretty.

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?




Black Olives.

They (along with Red Bull Vodkas) are the work of the devil.

Pure disgustingness.

I can NOT tolerate mushrooms, even in their smallest, most diced up, form. My mom used to strain Cream of Mushroom soup for take out the tiny bits of mushrooms from her gravy and sauces.

I never knew this 'til I was on my own and couldn't figure out why there were so many nasty chunks of mushroom in the soup I bought.

Then she told me.

And, I felt like a princess. A princess whose mother loved her so much she strained out the mushrooms so she wouldn't be subjected to that slimy grossness.

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?

Well, in normal years, yes. A lot. Like, somewhere close to "too many".

But, this is not a normal year. :(

And so, Girl Scout Cookie buying time has come and gone and our home is GSC-less.

Oh, how I love my Samoas! WAIT!! They're not called that anymore, are they? Ack!! I don't think that's PC. Um...what are they called now? Quick, someone tell me...

And Thin Mints. Mmmmmmm...Thin Mints are the antithesis of mushrooms. Amen.

4. How do you pamper yourself?

I don't.

Usually any and all extra money I have, I buy stuff for my kids. Occasionally, I'll get a pedicure.

However...I'm due for some pampering. As I mentioned in last night's "Sneak Peek", I have some gift cards that are in need of using.

I see some fabulous pampering (in the form of massages or pedicures) in my (very near) future!

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?

Get this!! My nickname is..."mom".

Short for, "mama".

Cute, isn't it? I kids gave it to me. They couldn't prounounce "mama" when they were big, so they call me "mom". ;)

It's so unique, isn't it?


And with that, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. I hate mushrooms too! They are just disgusting. My son loves them, if I have them on my plate for some unknown reason, I pass them on to him!

  2. we have the same loves of Girl Scout cookies! And I love your answer for nickname!

  3. Thank God there is someones else out there that hates mushrooms! I think they feel like a spoonge in your mouth. YUCK!!!! Besides the fact that you are eating fungus!

  4. Ha ha! Mom. Too funny.

    I love that your mom strained the cream of mushroom soup for you...that is so sweet. My husband hates mushrooms too and will find the teeniest tiniest small it is barely recognizable to the naked eye.

  5. Let there be no fungus among us. That's my motto. I DETEST mushrooms!

    How funny that we have the same nickname! And you know, I think there must be quite a few others who have it, too. It seems every single time I'm in a public place I hear someone saying my nickname and yet there is another woman answering them! Odd, huh? ;)

    Samoas are my faves, too. And there is now a cookie on store shelves that is eerily similar. YAY!!! *from my taste buds* BOO!!! *from my hips*

  6. Your mom was the best! She strained the mushrooms for you. So do you strain your cream of mushroom soup now?
    I do that for Miss K with spaghetti sauce, she hates the tiny pieces of tomato in the sauce so I pick out everyone of them when we eat spaghetti or use the sauce for any other meal. :)

  7. They are still called Somoas here. There are 2 different bakeries that GS uses. Maybe the other bakery is what they sell near you and they may not use the name Samoas.

  8. My son woke up with the same symptoms today. Guess we'll get getting a strep test too.

  9. LOL I *heart* mushrooms and olives (I never used to but am almost addicted to olives now!) and Vodka Redbull (tho I agree it can feel like the work of the devil!)

    Have a great weekend! Enjoy your pampering!



  10. Hey! Did you know that Keebler manufactures GSC's and they (well, most of them) are available in the store year round - for LESS money?!?! Your thin mints, the p. butter ones and the caramel coconut ones are ALL available year round. So, when you have extra money, go check out the cookie aisle. Yes, I're welcome. :) I love you too.

  11. No mushrooms or black olives? Man, we would not do well sharing a pizza! ;-)

  12. great post. i can't do mushrooms or olives either. and i'm mostly just mom lately too. which is why I also don't usually ever pamper myself.

  13. I actually found out recently that Samoas were not changed to be PC. It's just that one GSC supplier calls them Samoas, one calls them Caramel Delites, and so on. This year, at least in out area, the supplier is the one that calls them Caramel Delites.

  14. Love your 5 Question Fridays

    Even though I am new to blogging, I just wanted to say your recent loss was sad and I have been thinking of you and your family.

    that is all

  15. Mushrooms and black olives are two of my favorites, especially mushrooms, I'm always adding them to recipes I think they would go good with LOL.

    New follower 8) Found you from a friend who was doing five question friday 8)

    Lovin Life

  16. I don't like mushrooms either but I was tricked into eating them a year ago =/ as for olives: I don't like either type! They sicken me lol.

    I like how you answered number 5, you're funny :D but your kids sounds awesome! I grew up calling my mum by her name and sometimes I call her mum, bad I know. I'm changing that.

    Have a good weekend!

  17. We have the same nickname, how cool is that!? And I'm so glad I'm in the "mushrooms are disgusting club" because I'm not there alone LOL!

    Have a blessed weekend.

  18. I was completely CRACKING UP at the lengths your mom went to for the Cream of Mushroom soup!! What a great mom she is! I detest 'shrooms too, but I can deal with them in the cream soup format. How funny that your two 'Can't Eat' foods are the same as 2 of mine! And our GS Cookie loves are the same, too. =) My munchkins call me Mommom, since they found Mama too daunting when they were learning to speak. I think it's so cute!! =D Great post this week, as always!

  19. My husband feels the same way about mushrooms. He will eat anything except mushrooms and blue cheese. He says they're like eating pure mold. He accidentally put cole slaw with blue cheese in his mouth once at a restaurant. He was *this* close from barfing on the table.

  20. My kids dislike mushrooms too..but I don't mind eating them..
    Ditto on the stick shift..

  21. You know you're a mom of two kids in diapers if . . . you read the question about "pampering yourself" as if it's asking "How do you diaper yourself?" Pamper = Pampers

    Okay, it's clearly past my bedtime!

  22. My first time to link in and I love this idea!

    And I love mushrooms:)

    Funny, one of my "cannot eat" was an ingredient in my favorite GSC! Go figure.

    Thanks for hosting.

  23. Aw man, you sound like my husband- he HATES black olives and mushrooms...and they are two of my favorite foods. I can eat an entire can of olives in one sitting (so can my daughter:).

    My first car was a stick too- a 1987 car that was ran into the ground many, many times...and then after sending us three daughters to college and back with it for years, my dad FINALLY got rid of it in 2005. It had to be towed away. LOL.

    Have a great weekend!


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