Monday, February 21, 2011

Real Time...

In real time, here is what I'm doing:

Snuggling with my baby.

Praying for the victims of a large car accident in our small town that we just learned of.

Hoping I can sleep after my hours long nap this afternoon.

Wishing Red Bull Vodkas were never invented.

Cursing this blasted snow...and wondering why it couldn't have come on a day when our kids had school. We'd love a snow day this year!

Welcoming in child #2 to our bed.

Wondering why my mom has to be so stinkin' good at Words with Friends.

Remembering I need to get this week's Date of the Week up.

Saying goodnight to the baby that just left our bed, in search of greener pastures, apparently. (PS...Baby Girl: daddy's pasture is not greener. He doesn't like to play bedtime games. Consider yourself warned!)

Hoping, praying that the heaviness in my heart starts to lift soon.

Thinking I'm going to go grab myself a Benadryl.

And that, is the end of your Real Time Report!

Good night!


  1. Awww, what a sweet moment.

    Yes, I'm about done with this snow too!

  2. I like the real time report, fun idea.
    I am so done with this snow, we got another 18 inches where I live Sun - Mon. And I too wanted a snow day, instead they had the day off. Crazy isn't it?


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