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Ten Years...

Ten years ago today, I married the most amazing man.

If I thought he was great then...I think he is incredible now!

I feel so blessed to have married such a kind, hard-working, thoughtful, selfless man who has also turned out to be an amazing father!

Last night was my first night back to work after Verd's death, and it was very difficult. Lot's of tears...but I came home to a note from my handsome groom who put it perfectly. He said, "When great marriages encounter difficult times, they only get stronger"...he hit the nail on the head.

Tragedy has proved to strengthen our marriage. He is my rock. And I love him so much!

Happy Anniversary, my love!! I love you!


  1. Happy anniversary!!! I hope you two have a great day :)

    You really are lucky to have such a great guy at your side!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Together, you can make it through anything! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary and many many more!

  4. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary to you and your man!!

  5. Happy Tenth Anniversary!

    You two make a handsome couple!

    God Bless You!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. Happy Anniversary! Hope you both have a wonderful and blessed day!

  7. Happy Anniversary! What an amazing note from your husband, and so true!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and you wonderful hubby! Enjoy your day.

  9. Oh my - you are an oh-so-good-looking couple! Grats to you both!

  10. Happy Anniversary and congratulations.

  11. Happy anniversary! I feel as though we're living similar lives right now. My marriage is stronger than ever and I feel it is because we are going through struggles and strife and making huge changes in our life. Isn't great that God gives us blessings in the middle of all the hurt, pain, and chaos?!

  12. Happy Anniversary! You are such a sweet couple and with your gorgeous brood make such a lovely family!! :)

    I hope you can enjoy your anniversary celebrations, even though you are both still grieving your loss!

    ((((Mama M & Mr W)))) xoxo


  13. PS - I forgot to say... is also my parent's wedding anniversary - They've been married 42 years!! :)


  14. Yay, love marriage!! Congratulations!! That's right, never blame each other, just the situation. I was lucky enough to marry a man who could cook & yep, turned out to be a fantastic father, totally into parenthood & i was lucky to not be a teen mum he wanted children so badly. Now we're young parents (mid 30s) with a high schooler, i love it!! Yay to big families too, have a blast of a weekend, love Posie

  15. Aw, what a sweet photo. Happy anniversary!

  16. Happy anniversary!

  17. You are gorgeous.

    I know that's a shallow comment considering what you wrote, but there it is. :)


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