Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Wise, Old Hambone

Last night, we had a battle of wills. Our babe, who has been getting a warm body to fall asleep next to since we put her in a big girl bed, was proving to be indecisive.

Daddy, mommy, daddy, mommy...it's a game that was beginning to be played with too much frequency.

So last night it was: Daddy vs. Baby Girl--Round One.

He decided, once and for all, that for one cotton pickin' gosh darn night, she was gonna go to sleep in her own bed...BY. HER. SELF. (Although, I'm not so certain his foul mood was so much about teaching her better "sleep hygiene" as it was related to a broken heart.) :(

Cue tears, "I want mama", and much carrying on. All the while 4 other children were trying to go to sleep.

Next thing I know, Hambone says (all serious and exasperated) to the Pal: "I can't take this crying any more...I'm sleepin' with you." And he marched himself downstairs to sleep in the relative quiet of his big brother's room.

Hambone...our wise, old soul.


  1. Ooohhhh...battle of wills over bedtime is my absolutely least favorite! Everyone's tired and I am never at my best...because I'm tired too. My 7 year old knows this and pushes every button I have on the nights my husband is working. "Can I sleep with you?" "But mommy, you work so much and I never see you" "But mommy, I always sleep better with you" ...cue tears..."But mommy I love you and I have to protect you"...mommy relents!

  2. This literally made me laugh out loud in class. I've definitely had to share my bed with siblings a time or two!

  3. awww!!! I love the picture. What an expression on that face!!


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