Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Love this photo...

You know those name prints? The ones with photos of things in nature that make letters? (Ack...I'm describing them horribly. Hold please, whilst I find a link...okay, I'm back! Didja miss me? I found a it is.)

I want one.

And, I want this as the "A". Oh, also, now I want a red door. And a house made out of stone. Scratch that...gimme a castle please, with a red door, thank you.


  1. I love this pic andd this door!! I'm reading George re martins "a song of fire and ice" right now and they always talk about this castle with the red door! This is how I'll picture it now!!

  2. Love this! I actually have a red front door and a red garage was the thing that attracted me so much to this house before I even saw the inside!

  3. I really do love that door. I'm trying to picture it as my front door of my house.


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