Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Night 5QF Sneak Peek!!

Holy man'd it get to be 8 pm on Thursday, already?!

Welcome to Five Question Friday...well, the "Sneak Peek", actually! If you're new to this gig, 5QF is the easiest, most fun blog hop around! And, it's awesome to do if your muses have gone MIA and you're desperate for something to write about!

Remember, this post is just a chance for you to get the questions ahead of time so you can get you post all ready to go for the linky list on Friday morning!

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky to appear on Friday morning! And most of all...most importantly...HAVE FUN!!

Questions for Friday, July 8th: (Special thanks to Sandy, Pam, @chickensbees, @kristinascackles, and @my4redheads for their question suggestions! Seriously, thank you! If YOU would like to be linked in a future 5QF, just head over to my community and offer up your best question suggestions, or shout 'em out to me on Twitter [@5crookedhalos] using hashtag #5QF!)

1. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)

2. Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone?

3. What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe)

4. Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person?

5. If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?


Happy Thursday, my friends! See you bright and early tomorrow!

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  1. I have never been able to write in cursive so that other people could read it. I tend to print everything.


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