Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From the backseat...

Yesterday, the Mr. was driving Baby Girl and Hambone home after The Pal's baseball game (while I and the other kids stopped at the DQ, where I proceeded to realize I forgot my purse AFTER I had already ordered our treats at the Drive Thru. Ugh...), when he heard Hambone pipe up, excited and proud:

"Dad! Baby Girl's makin' really good A's!"

I wasn't there, but I'm guessing the Mr. gave a distracted, "Mmmmm hmmm..."

Then, when he came to rescue us and our treats from the DQ, he turned around and saw this:

And he exclaimed, "Hambone!!! Why didn't you tell me she was writing all over herself?!"

Hambone: *pause* *exasperated* "Well, I TOLD you she was makin' really good A's!!"

Score: Hambone 1, Daddy 0


  1. HAHA!! falling out of my office chair laughing so hard!! To me its always funnier when something like this happens on daddy's watch!

  2. LOL. It beats practicing her "A's" on the wall. Been there!

  3. Haha! similar scenarios have happened to me more times than I care to admit. awesome.

  4. lol reminds me of somebody else - my 5 year old

  5. Hambone had a point. It's always a rough game with a lop-sided score when the short people are involved.


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