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Polish Horseshoes

Dude, if you aren't Polish, you really are missing out.

Polish people are, like, the blondes of nationalities. Wait...does that even make any sense? Well, if it does, you're probably blond. Or Polish. Or, blond AND Polish...

Like ME!! Imagine, if you will, the fun I have being blond AND Polish. And the excuses! "No, I didn't know what the speed limit was, officer...I'm blond. AND Polish!" Really, it comes in handy most days. (And, I do NOT get offended by blond jokes. Or Polish jokes. Or blond Polish jokes. Or Polish blond jokes. Okay, I'll stop now...)

Anywhoodles...back to the title of this post...Polish Horseshoes. Is this a MinneSOOOOOta thing or is this a nationwide activity? If it's not a nationwide activity, I hereby proclaim to make Polish Horseshoes our National Lawn Game.

Will someone please second that?

On the 4th, I partook in a Polish Horseshoe tournament. After a triple elimination (don't ask, it's too complicated to explain how my partner and I lost and lost and lost and STILL almost made it to the final round. "Almost" being the keyword, 'cuz "almost" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, remember?), I was knocked out of the game.

What's that, you say? Oh, you want a quick run down of the game? Why, I thought you'd never ask! Polish Horseshoes = good clean fun. Unfortunately, it requires hand-eye coordination.

There are two of these:

...that are attached by a rope.

The first hole (the one closest to the rope) is worth 1 point, the second is worth 3, and the third is worth 5 (you play 'til someone hits 21)...unless you're playing "Polish-style", in which case you may want to just go with 1, 2, 3 for scoring, easier to 'member that way. ;)

Then, you just take turns tossing three big ol' washers toward those holes, hoping that one of them finds their way in.

Or, actually, (if you're not me) aiming and strategerizing on which washer you want to go in which hole. I lean toward the "toss it and hope it goes in" camp. Oh, who am I kidding. I'm the freakin' counselor of that camp. I don't just lean toward it.

Let me show you...(photos courtesy of Dominique, who actually knows what she's doing, and my handsome husband, who just clicks away with whatever settings the camera is on when he picks it up...bless his heart.)

Fine form. (Please, pay no attention to my back fat. And, you can stop laughing that "fine form" part.)

It really helps if you stick your tongue out when you toss the washer.

Chewing on your bottom lip certainly helps your aim.

And, a fist pump is required when you actually get said washer into the little hole you're tossing it at.

In fact, so is a big "Hell YEAH!", accompanied by bulging neck veins.

And, it looks good if you say things like, "So, we just need a 1 or a 3? Not a 5?" if you could actually make that dang washer do what you wanted it to.

Polish Horseshoes...just one fun little part of a crazy fun weekend!

Carry on now, I need to go practice my Polish Horseshoes. Next year, the name in the "Champion" part of the bracket will be MINE!

Mark. My. Words.

Disclaimer: No blondes or Polish peeps were harmed in the playing of this game.


In other news...remember that dream I mentioned when I announced the winner of the Mr. Wonderfulest contest? Yeah...I shoulda told you then. I can't remember most of it anymore.



  1. That looks cool! And you do NOT have a fat back. I, my dear, have 'back boobs'. Yes. It's a fact. And a humiliating fact, nonetheless. It's tough being a plump girl who used to be skinny.

    The big game around these parts is cornhole. Ever hear of it? I may just have to do a post about it one day next week. MUCH fun!

  2. I can use the 'blonde' excuse, but not being Polish..and I hear my share of blonde joke too!
    Polish Horseshoes looks like a fun game and like you all had a great time. My family loves to play games when we have company. Just one question...why are the two boxes attached with a rope? Is that just to keep them at a certain distance?

  3. haha i love this post. i am polish but we just play regular horseshoes :)

    what a fun day!!

  4. I'm with Kelli on the cornhole! As horrible as that name sounds (but is *so* perfect for the stereotype of a Texan), it's the greatest game.

    And I am Swedish - that's a variant of the same thing? :P

  5. I'm Polish and I've never heard of Polish Horseshoes. But I can tell you I definitely lack the coordination required to play. Looks like fun though!

  6. I am originally from Michigan and I played this game growing up, too. But we just called it washers. It was always a blast, and I may need to make one and introduce the game to my southern friends and neighbors.

    P.S. I am also blonde and Polish.

  7. Hi - Am your newest follower via Simply Stacie's!

    Looking forward to joining your Five Question Friday blog hop-

    Your Polish Horseshoes game looks very intense! Sticking the tongue out helps concentration for a number of sports, I've found!

    Nice meeting you!


  8. I went camping this weekend and our "neighbors" were playing this game. My friends wondered what it was and because of this post I got to tell them!! I felt so smart. Thank you! ha


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