Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Location

Sweaty. Hot.

Sunny. Breezy.

Watchin' my big boy playin' a little ball. Wishin' he'd remembered his Gatorade. Hopin' he'll get a home run.

Guarding my noggin' from foul balls (none of which are actually coming close to my head). Cheerin' on our boys.

Talkin'. Laughin'. Enjoying this day.

(And trying not to grumble about the weather.)

Over 'n out...


  1. You look so relaxed. I love the color of your toes!

  2. aw, cute feet! i would never take a pic like that, i hate my chubby feet ;-)

  3. Nice tootsies! At least they weren't sweating too (o:


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