Sunday, October 25, 2009

The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 77

Mr. Wonderful missed his calling.

He shoulda been a carpenter.

A TreeHouse carpenter!

Please take note of the above more funky gap! Mr. Wonderful's un-perfectionism is now concealed...he can breathe a huge sigh of relief, now that no one can really tell, anymore, that there is that odd, slightly larger than the rest gap in the rafters...'course, when you go up into the loft (yes!! A loft! I think I'll refer to it as a proper noun from here on in, The Loft!)'ll be able to see that freaky un-properly spaced gap.

But we won't remind Mr. Wonderful of that, will we?

The view from the bottom, lookin' up at The Loft...

*Shiver*...just look at this ladder!!?!! Talk about a mother's irrational fears...great. Now, I have another something to worry 'bout (as if I needed more!). E.W. said, "It's a straight up and down ladder, mama!!!"

"Um, yes...I see that my, careful, careful!!! Oh, just let mama lift you down! Please? Please?!?!?"

Clearly, he was impressed with it's verticalness...just climbing the dang thing sent my heart into palpatations. Well, that and the 43 pots of coffee I had today...then, at the top, my hips caught.

Stupid loft.

Mark my words. I will never be humiliated by The Loft and it's freaky ladder and narrow landing.

Nope...not setting foot up there again.

Well, okay, I lied. I probably will. It's pretty cool...and I never like to deny myself anything that's, you know, cool.

Know what's not cool?

The TreeHouse is running over budget by...oh, say...a thousand bucks. (Insert pinky into corner of mouth...Dr. Evil style) One thousand dollars.

I didn't think we'd put any money into it. Like I told Mr. Wonderful, "Gee, hon...I thought you shoulda just slapped up four posts and some boards and called it a TreeHouse."

His response? "I don't know how to 'just slap up a few boards'."

Dang'll getcha everytime.


In other Mr. Wonderful un-perfectionist events:
That wardrobe disaster would be the unfortunate outcome when you have a potty training accident and daddy's in charge.

Someone must inform him that purple and reddish/orange do not go together.

Hope your weekend was fantabulastic!! (*Gasp*...another new word!!)


  1. That is a bad ass tree house! I want one like that and I am 24 lol

  2. Ouch on the budget.

    Wow! for the treehouse. Your kids are going to make some amazing memories up there.

  3. :o) Hahaha, yeah, I get points for trying. Now that I've mastered 3 columns, I think I'll go build a tree house...oh... wait... no.

    You get a "Brave Wife and Mommy" award... maybe me and my new HTML skillz will go cook that one up so I can jump in and be the first to get you with it!

  4. Now that is a treehouse 8-)

    Gotta give him points for trying w/ the wardrobe tho...I remember with our first hubby put an outfit on backwards....I didn't say anything....just happy to have a dressed little one...and I didn't have to do it...LOL Have a great day

  5. WOW! Now that's a treehouse! You gotta love it. My hubby would do the same thing.

    I love that sweet outfit he put on your babe. No perfectionism goin' on there. lol It's a dad thing.


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