Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Last week, I totally did not sleep in and miss out being "close to the top" on MckMama's Not Me! Monday list. And this week? Well, I certainly was not being a responsible adult and tending to our bills. Yuck.

So, this week, I did not develop a loathing of all things atomic. Atomic bombs, atomic fire balls...well, okay, what I mean is...I do not hate our atomic alarm clock. It woke me up, just like it was supposed to, at 6 am for my 7 am shift on Sunday. I went about my business and was getting ready to leave, when I glanced at the kitchen clock and saw that it read, 7:15. What the?! I went back into the bedroom, and "sho' nuff" that clock said, for anyone who "observes" daylight savings time, maybe this happened to you. Turns out that the stupid clock did not reset itself one hour early, because last Saturday was not the "original" turn back the clock night. Only, it's next week. So, needless to say, I did not call work in a panic and shout, "This is Mama M!! What time is it?!?!?!?!" And convince my fellow employees that, yes, indeed, I was crazy! I do not detest modern technology, nope, not me!!

I am not cursing the unfairness of one child still sleeping (later than usual at 9:20 am!!!) and one child who woke early (before 8 am, which is like the middle of the night for me...blech!)...looks like it will not be a nap day for mama! No way, Jose...I never take naps at naptime/quiet time!

Speaking of sleep, I did not fall into such a hard and fast sleep watching Seven Pounds that Mr. Wonderful finished the movie, removed his arm from under my head, packed up the laptop, finished getting reading for bed...and I didn't wake, move, or twitch. Well, maybe I twitched, I can't be sure! I was not so shocked to hear this, that I did not exclaim, "Well, did you make sure I was still alive?!" Nope, I am never dramatic! Not me!

Happy Monday, friends! Now, head on over to MckMama's to see what everyone else hasn't been up to!!


  1. You switched stuff around..yes, I am that about followers..Girl you got it going on!! Do your co-workers call you Mama M...;-)

  2. love the panic after falling asleep...i have done that before :) have a great monday!

  3. The clock/time issue made me laugh. I have a timezone thingy on one of mine and it has been hit a time or two! GL with the nap today. Happy Monday!

  4. I clicked over from McMama...loving your blog! Adding it to my reading list :)

  5. Hey we watched Seven Pounds last night too...Happy Monday 8-)

  6. Haha, that sounds like something I would say "did you make sure I was still alive." :-)
    I hate alarm clocks, too. :-)

  7. Ahhhh! It's NOT me Monday, right? So I will NOT tell you about the way I woke up this morning... even after just 4 hours of sleep. Let's just say that the alarm clock has been officially fired, and I am making today's way of waking up a very regular happening.

    **sheepish grin**

  8. For a minute there you had me wondering if I missed daylight savings..woe boy, that would have been sad.

    and there is NOTHING wrong with taking a nap!

  9. Hahaha that SO happened to me on Sunday morning too. The guys were going out hunting, I set the alarm for 5am...woke up my husband. Went out to wake up his hunting buddy and he looked at his watch and said why didn't you wake me up at 5?? it's already 6!! I too dislike atomic clocks! :P

  10. what a fun list of not me's! I never fall asleep during movies either. :)

  11. popped over for not me monday...great post.

    Those darn clocks...we have several atomic clocks in our church that all say different times--how does that work???


  12. I would have broken that clock!
    I hope you got a nap-I hate when one of my kids wakes up early while the other sleeps in!


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