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Awards Season!

..."I'd like to thank the Academy..."

Well, okay, not the Academy, but Amanda, Elizabeth, and Richele, for thinkin' I'm awesome enough for some awards! "I love you, man!!"

First, thank you to Amanda and Elizabeth, who gifted me with this:

And, since I worked a hard four hours today, and didn't get much sleep...I'm just gonna take it. I'm just gonna selfishly accept it and forget any rules that it comes with! I was lucky enough to receive this award previously, so if you really wanna read some "Honest Scrap" about me, go ahead, knock yourself out!! Click here or here! But you'll probably be "like huh, and like wha'...and you'll get a little bored an'..." (and that was my favorite line from Bolt...completely random, I know...).

Richele, whom (or is it "who"? This grammar stuff always trips me up a little...and to think I considered an English major...) I think is ultra witty and fun, awarded me this:

Rules (darn rules...always some stinkin' rules...) are:

To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

'K, dem's da rules...but see, I have this little problem...I don't like to follow rules, and besides that, I'm tired...and a little cranky...and I don't have the patience to award 15 people (fifteen?!!!! Yikes! Who makes these rules anyway?! I wanna talk to this person, give 'em a piece of my mind...'course, bein' the wimp I am, I'd be all "Oh,'s totally okay, uh huh...15 is a great number!!" But, NO!! It's not...) so, I'm just gonna do five.

That okay?

You sure?

Good! (Boy, it's so good when you talk to yourself, 'cuz you get just the answers you're lookin' for!!)

And the "Best Blogger Award" goes to...

(See, here's my other hang up..."Best" means, well...the best...and, there can only be one person on the what's up with this 15 thing? Not sayin' that it should be moi at the top...nope not at all, just sayin', well...I dunno what I'm saying. I need a nap.)

I, the award goes to...

Kate @ Kate's Life

Tamara @ The (Un)Experienced Mom

Amanda @ Out Numbered by Testosterone

JD @ Infinite Adventures at the Zoo (a private blog, so you'll just have to trust me that it's awesome!)

Karen @ This and That

Okay, that about wraps it up!


But not quite!!

Remember my promise to you?

The "Babylegs" promise?

Well, here I am, in all my "Babylegs" glory:

Please look beyond the double, triple, quadruple chinish neckish thing I've got goin' on...I was about three sips into some wine spiked cider, which equates to me being nearly "completely wasted".


And I can't take a good picture to save my life.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Wow, thanks for the award! It's great to be noticed by other bloggers, especially ones with such a popular blog such as yourself!

    Thanks again!


  2. Wow... I am loving the babylegs! Think I may have to borrow that idea! Good thing I live in NC nobody will ever know... not to mention I would never copy something somebody else did because I am def a leader not a follower...rrriiiiggghhhtt :)

    Have a good weekend girl

  3. Thanks for the award! Oh sweet mercy..I'm very excited.

    You look FAB-U-LOUS in that pic, lady!

  4. What are you talking about?!?! It's a great picture!!! You need to make it your profile pic! really...its good!

  5. Haha! That is a great picture of you :) I love the babylegs...I gotta get a pair for me, I mean my baby girl lol.

  6. Love the picture! :)

    No worries on not using my questions. I'll just stop suggesting! ;) haha! totally kidding, I'm a sarcastic one. I just throw out there what's in my head, and if you like 'em, hey, even better. It's really just an outlet for the random thoughts in my head. ;) So I should be thanking you, I mean really.

  7. Awww...thanks for the love. :)
    I like the babylegs idea too...especially since we really only have a handful of cold days in the south. Not worth buying too many long sleeve shirts. :)

  8. How cute are the BabyLegs!? (And they're right, it's a smokin' pic.)

    Hope it's all good - I didn't re-award you, as you had passed on the "Best Blogger" to Tamara, and she to me, but you are on the "Honorable Mentions" list on my really new and not nearly as cool as yours blog! Now, I'm off to be nosy some more!

    Megan @ All A Bunch of Momsense

  9. WE LOVE BOLT here. I mean how could you not like the physco hamster and ally cat with TUDE....

    And I must say. You are a very pretty mommy. LOVE the babylegs.
    looking at you I think you could so kick AUNT FLO'S BUTT...

  10. I know what you mean about Award Rules. I may have to break some rules too! I will say "MamaM did it first!" hee hee
    I LOVE the babylegs look!!

  11. i LOVE the picture! you look so HIP and HAPPENIN' sportin' those baby legwarmers! Way to be a trend setter!

    you go girl.


  12. Ahhhh Mama M!! Thank you so much for the second serving of Bloggy Love... I was just running out of my last serving, so this came just in time, hee hee!! Fat free, calorie free, and guilt-free too!

    You're so sweet... :)


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