Saturday, October 17, 2009

ADCD: My One Flaw

First, I just want to say, I welcome any late, straggling, procrastinating, just too darn busy, 5QF'ers (ummm...did I just say F'er?). The MckLinky always remains open for a few days! Have at it!!

Okay, now...back to my post!

I'm curious if anyone else suffers from Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder, or ADCD (not to be confused with the ever hip and aging band, ACDC)?

You know, when you are gung ho on accomplishing, your bedroom?

You start, you're rarin' to go, you're pluggin' away, when you realize the reason said bedroom is such a wreck is because you are in limbo.

Summer clothes, fall clothes, winter've been living out of a tote 'cuz you've been too dang lazy to make the big switch.

So, with a *sigh*, you sit down and do the exchange...summer for fall. Done deal...kind of, 'cuz midway through you have a couple of large piles of "I'll never be caught dead in that midriff baring tank top again" or "I'll never fit into that unless I starve myself for a year" clothes.

To remedy the teetering tower of clothes problem that you've created, you move said piles to their respective place...the Goodwill closet (I'm wondering if they make house calls?) or, the garbage.

When you reach the garbage, you find that the dryer is done. Being the flake efficient person you are, you empty it, refill it and plop down on the couch to fold.

Approximately 3.7 minutes into folding, your nose starts to you get up to get a Kleenex in the bathroom.

In the bathroom, you encounter a jumbled mess of a sink, so you start to tidy up...sorting through your make-up bag, tossing tids and tads of expired make-up (does Goodwill take used make-up?), maybe even doing a little make-up experimenting (a smokey eye, anyone?).

Deep in your tidying thoughts, you realize you suffer from aforementioned Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder, and think, "Hmmmm, that might make a fun blog post."

You then abandon all cleaning, tidying, sorting, drying, nose blowing, make-up experimenting and head for your computer, where you happily start tappity tapping away.

Then, you notice (*insert spooky organ here*) duh, duh, duh, duuuuhhhhhh...the mess you left during your last blogging escapade.

So, you "Save as Draft", and clean up your computer desk (which, who am I kidding, is a folding table...groaning under the weight of your ancient, pre-historic computer).

Bringing up the dirty glasses and putting them in the sink, you notice what a fine and outstanding job your kiddos and husband have done on cleaning the kitchen.

You then have an unstoppable surge of guilt and remember your original task, that which was cleaning your room.

You take a slow, meandering gander about your home to find that, indeed, you have been blogging cleaning for hours and have accomplished...nothing.

Not a darn thing.

The bedroom is still in disarray, the clothes are barely folded, the Goodwill closet needs to be nailed shut, lest it explode with the contents of your castaways, the bathroom is still cluttered, and you've got some funky, weird, grotesque "smokey eye" thing goin' on...

But at least you have a completed blog post.

Yup...I most definitely suffer from ADCD.


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself...and now I feel the need to look around and view all my piles. *Hangs my head in shame*!

  2. OMG - I am so glad it's not just me. I thought I needed medication.

  3. **Laughing through tears** OH wow... I could relate to ALL of that, except, of course, for the makeup.

    You are hilarious... you described it with such accurate detail.

  4. Haha! i'm totally ADCD! thats so funny that you posted this today. I got up, all ready to clean my entire house, and ended up at my b/f's parents all day doing nothing! So now i come home to a STILL dirty house! lol

  5. uhhhh I didn't start laundry two hours ago and forget about it ...

  6. That is so funny, I am glad I am not the only one that has suffered from ADCD!!

  7. HILARIOUS! And so true. Ever since I started blogging, I've... well... stopped cleaning. Or, at least, I stopped cleaning as well!

  8. I so know what you are talking about! Guilty here!

    Thanks for the comment! And it was my first time joining in on the 5 Question Friday fun! Had fun posting and checking out others! Thanks again!

  9. Mmmm, I didn't know my own illness had a name ;) is there any cure?

  10. I had a totally cool response to this, but then decided it was too long for a comment and much better suited for a blog post on my OWN blog.

    But yes, totally agree where your coming from.


  11. I SO know what you mean. The intention is there. My butt just isn't in the mood to remove itself from in front of the computer.

  12. Ha! So spot on with this post its not even funny. I've decided that setting small goals for myself cuts down on the lack of progress because I don't need to get as much done to feel accomplished. LOL.

  13. So FUNNY you should mention this - I did a blog hop about my daughter (who is, sadly, like her Momma)check out The photo and the story to go with it is ALL ABOUT ACDC!!!!!!

  14. Found you through Mckmama... love this post... it's exactly how I clean! My husband (mr. efficient) just can't fathom how I can be cleaning for hours and get nothing accomplished.


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