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Five Question Friday!! 10/16

My Little Life

Geepers, Lou!! Is it just me, or does anyone else feel the weeks are flying by? Sometimes I feel a little motion sickness setting in 'cuz time is movin' so fast!

But, I do love Five Question Friday!

Here's the deets: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog, answer them, grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code, and link up! If you don't have a blog, but want to participate, I welcome you to leave your answers in the comments!! Oh, and I'd love it if you'd link back to me, Mama M.!! Thanks, my dears!

Friday, October 16th, Questions: (Thanks to Liz--man, she's on fire!!, and teamof6 for their question suggestions! Check out my Blog Frog community to participate in offering questions for future Five Question Fridays!)

1. What phrase, or phrases, do you say a lot (holy cow, geez, seriously?)

2. Swimming: Are you a kamikaze off the boat, take the plunge from the deep end, or a gradual, slow submersion from the shore or shallow end kind of person?

3. Have any tattoos? If not, what would you get?

4. What is your favorite tree?

5. Two pronged question: What is your favorite non-physical thing about your spouse? What is your favorite physical thing about your spouse or significant other?


1. What phrase, or phrases, do you say a lot (holy cow, geez, seriously?)

See above..."Geepers, Lou!" Once upon a time I watched a funny little movie called, Over the Hedge. The adorable little porcupine family in the movie was clearly from MinneSOOOOta, and Mrs. Porcupine (I've long since forgotten her name), said to her husband, "Geepers, Lou!".

And the rest is history. First I started saying it to be mock the MinneSOOOOta chick in me, and became a habit. And habits are hard to break...dontchaknow (another bad habit)!!

2. Swimming: Are you a kamikaze off the boat, take the plunge from the deep end, or a gradual, slow submersion from the shore or shallow end kind of person?

I am, most definitely, without a doubt a kamikaze chick. I can not stand that slow, gradual wade from shore. Plop me on a boat and I could jump off all day long...make me approach from shore, and I'm game for about 10 minutes.

'Course, when I am jumping off boats (make sure you say that with a really long MinneSOOOOOta 'o' sound to get the full effect), I always make someone else jump in first. No way am I gonna be the first to jump on a gigantic muskie...surely they're just waitin' for me to jump in!! ;) Nope, someone's gotta jump before me to scare all the freaky fish away.

3. Have any tattoos? If not, what would you get?

Nope...not a tattoo girl here. Once upon a time, in my wild and carefree youth, I contemplated getting a tattoo similar to the Dixie Chicks chicken feet (the tattooed a new footprint for every award they won). I thought I might do it for every child I birthed.

Then I came to my senses.

And I remain tattoo free...well, unless you count the "tattoo" I got in 2nd grade from piercing my thumb (accidentally) with a pencil. If you count that, then yes, I have one.

4. What is your favorite tree?

Hmmmm...that's a hard one. Here in MN we have a ton of different trees. Since it is fall, I'm gonna go with the Sugar Maple. They have the most gorgeous, amazing colors in the fall. Simply breathtaking.

For the record, I hate White Pines (disgustingly ugly) and Oaks are driving me bonkers right now...literally. You practically have to wear a helmet outside to save your noggin from being pelted with acorns dropping from the trees...yeah, Oaks aren't my fave right now.

5. Two pronged question: What is your favorite non-physical thing about your spouse? What is your favorite physical thing about your spouse or significant other?

My favorite non physical favorite thing about Mr. Wonderful is his honesty. He is such a kind, honest man...I totally respect and admire him for it!

Favorite physical thing? Definitely his smile. Or maybe his, wait...his,, his smile! Yup, his smile!

But definitely not his goofy feet! (And I ain't talkin' snowboarding, wakeboarding or surfing, dudes!!)

Okie dokie, friends! Looking forward to reading YOUR answers!

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  1. Those acorns are rough. We have two big ones right outside my daughter's school. Have to dodge em every day that I go pick her up.

  2. I'm new to the blogging world. But i've been doing Five Question Friday for a couple of weeks. I have a couple of questions though. How do I get your cute button on my blog. and i also want to link back to your blog for you. what is the code so i can do that? thanks!

  3. Hey Mama M! I can't participate in this one due to the tattoo question! You see, even though I'm 30-something, my mother (who reads my blog) STILL doesn't know I have a tattoo! Ha! Isn't that a laugh?!?!?

    Anyway, I say "good times, good times" a lot. Usually with a head nod tilted to the right. Cause I'm funny like that.

    Maples. I love maples. Especially in the fall- when they turn yellow, orange and bright red and they look like they're almost on fire from the inside out. Love it! (I also love the wood on my floor).

    Have a great week!

  4. Kasey...hey, glad you're enjoying it! To put my button on your blog, copy the code beneath it, then go to your blog dashboard and click layout, then select the "add html", paste the code, save and voila! It should appear!
    To link to my blog (or anyone's) you highlight their name or a word you want to link then click on the button with the two chain link looking things with green behind them. This button is on the top of your blog post (when you are composing it) in the toolbar, like where the font size, spell check, etc are.
    Let me know if you have anymore questions! Feel free to email me:

  5. I am not ABOUT to jump off a boat first!!!! I HATE being in water where I cant see what else is in there! Of course, I am from Louisiana and the alligators and water moccasins need to be scared (read "sccrrrrrdd" or "scurd") away first!!!)

  6. I did my first five Q friday... not sure if i linked it up right or not... but i tried LOL! let me know if you see it and maybe I dont lol

  7. Geepers, Lou! HaHa! Love it! Thank you for the compliment.

  8. Love it! Geepers Lou. Good one! Hope you have a great weekend, see you on the flip side.

  9. Thanks so much! you have helped a ton trying to get my blog together!

  10. Did you seriously not include "dude" in your frequently said list?! Sounds like someone needs to do a little editing ;)

  11. I just did my first Five Question Friday and it was so much fun. I will definetly be back again. Have a great weekend!!

  12. Love Friday Fives!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I see your list everywhere.. you are popular!! I love it!!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  14. I am totally with you on sending someone else into the water first! No way will I be the first one in - well, occassionally, if I have to, just so the kids will not be afraid.

  15. wowzah! I am on fire! :) I am a little behind this week with reading blogs and my internet assess this weekend is limited! Not to worry, though, I plan to jump in on this when I have a little more time and better internet! :)

  16. I'm a loser...sorry. This is hubby's weekend away and I have the kiddos. Dialysis was HELL yesterday and I just crashed when I got home. Now I am heading to my parents' house for my saint of a mother to watch the kiddos while me and my dad go to the Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech game. Go Jackets!! :) I can do this tomorrow if it is still open...please????

  17. Hey! That is amazing that you work with another Charissa. Not too often that I find someone else with the same name. I pronounce mine like cookie.

  18. I LOVE Over the Hedge!!! :) That is such a cute phrase!

    I wish I could just jump in the water; I'm just too baby'ish to do that! I've got to work my way in slowly :).


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