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Resolutions, Take 2

Well, lookie two of the New Year and WHO IS ROCKING HER RESOLUTION???

This girl.

This girl who turns the big 4-0 in exactly one month from today.

You know, I used to always think that when I turned 40 I'd want my husband to throw me a big surprise party (that probably wouldn't surprise me because I'm always suspicious), replete with black balloons and a yucky commercial cake. 

Turns out, I was wrong.

Like, WAY wrong.

As of today, we have officially started looking into a vacation. And those that know me well are probably thinking a tropical vacation somewhere with white sand beaches and sunshine for days, but nope. Not that.

We are looking at...GET THIS...a ski vacation!! Yup, pricing out airfare and accomodations in Colorado because I have never ever seen a mountain in my entire life and I've always had this pull to go to Colorado so why not knock two items off my bucket list in one trip (moutains and Colorado)?!

I'm excited. And a little skeered...I mean, I haven't so much as done a squat in the last year and now I'm going to strap some skis to my feet and launch myself down a mountain?????

Looks like I have another do a squat or two before we leave for Colorado. Maybe three. ;)

For now, since many of you haven't seen hide nor hair of my family in AGES (defunct blogger here), let me leave you with this...a rare photo of me with (most of) my kids.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Ah, you're back!? We've missed you...hope you're loving your school nurse gig. I moved from Ohio to Alabama (husband's job) and have left behind my cushy, awesome school nursing job...trying to get back into it though. Happy New Year and glad to see you're blogging.

    1. Adri!

      I'm back...and I've missed you all! The school nurse gig is still going strong...loving the extra time it gives me with my family! And Ohio to Alabama?! How are you adjusting? Prayers that you find a new school nurse job soon!

    2. At least you have all the snow gear for your little vacation.

      I just noticed you posted a couple of days worth of stuff. Okay, 4 to be exact. I haven't blogged in almost two years either and last left my blog with my boy having knee surgery. What a way to leave an audience, eh?

      I have decided to try a 365 this year so that's posted on my defunct 365 blog that I never completed from a few years back either. But hey! Day 4 Baby! I'm rockin' it!

      Oh and your babes really have grown! Crazy how the time flies!

  2. So, I haven't been doing so well at the whole blogging thing either, and here it is two months after you wrote this post, and I'm just now reading it. Ahh! Anyway, I love that you're back! And your kids are getting SO big! And changing SO much! I'm glad to see that you're back though! Maybe it'll get me into writing more on mine as well. :)


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