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'Twas the Night Before School

Twas the night before school, when all through the house
Many creatures were stirring, but none were the mouse.
The backpacks were crammed with all their supplies
In hopes that this school year sure would fly by.

The kids were tucked in, but still were awake
While whispers and giggles they often did make.
And mama in her jammies and dad in his chair
Would take turns yelling, "Don't make me come in there!".

When out of the girls' room there arose such a shout
"But I don't know what to wear!" she proclaimed with a pout.
Away to the bedroom mama flew like bird,
"Now, Belle, it's late, stop being a turd.".

The full summer moon, reflected bright in her eyes,
Made mama sad that summer must fly.
She sat on that bed, smoothed back Belle's hair
And said, "Girl, I think you have plenty to wear.".

Then two little boys showed up by her side and said,
"But Mama, it's too light to go to bed!".
"Kids, every year it's all just the same,
We go to bed early, and I wake you by name."

"Now Pal, Now Dubya, Now Belle and  Hambone,
It's time to get up, and you're not alone!
All of your friends, they wake bright and early
To torture the teacher by being so squirrelly."

As mama tucks them all in, again and again
She dreams of sunshine and sleeping in.
So back to her bedroom, doth she retreat,
To dream of a button, so summer could repeat.

And then, with a buzz, she hears her alarm
She pulls up the covers, her bed is so warm.
Then she peeks out her head and nudges dad awake,
Down the hallway they go, lunches they must make.

Soon they all come, dressed to a T,
The excitement is palpable, it's so fun to see.
Mama begrudgingly knows that school must come,
But was just so dang FUN!

Those backpacks, how heavy! The sneakers, so cool!
The talking and's the first day of school!
Their teeth, all brushed! Their hair done just so
Showed mama that they were ready to go.

They climbed in the truck, all buckled in tight
And waved as they all drove out of sight.
Then from her eye, mama swipes away a tear
And wonders why time flies so fast, year after year.

Then she draws a big breath and heaves a great sigh
Mama turns to go in, trying not to cry.
And she whispers these words to ears too far to hear,
"Merry First Day of School, I pray you have a great year!"

(Forgive me for cutting it short...I was all rhymed out!)


  1. Love the poem! You have very beautiful kids!!

  2. oh my goodness,...I can't believe you are SUCH a poet! That was amazing and such a cute creative way to send them off on their first day! Your children are SO beautiful! they must get that from their mama! ;)
    Hope the first day goes awesome! (and that you survive the first week with sanity mostly intact. It's day three around here that always is the breaking point!)

  3. That is absolutely magic!! What a great little yarn to start what's a wet and dreary day here...

  4. That was awesome! I love it. Hope they have a great first day and a fabulous year! :D

  5. Hi! I am a new Twitter & blog follower!! Great blog! I added your blog button badge on my blog too!

  6. I've got an idea!!!! You could be their school nurse and go to school w/ them and have summers and holidays off! :) That's my latest nurse gig and it's a good one...I know, I know--not as exciting as L&D. Just a thought...

  7. Ah! How charming! What a sweet way to commemorate the new year! Creativity is apparent!


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