Thursday, August 16, 2012

Valleyfair...Fun for Everyone!

Approximately 30 years ago, my grandparents started a tradition...a tradition that, while the numbers of our group have dwindled, still holds strong today!

That tradition is Valleyfair...Minnesota's version of "The Happiest Place on Earth"! And truth be told? You can't NOT have fun at Valleyfair!

When BlogHer and Cedar Fair presented me with the opportunity to take my entire family to Valleyfair, I may have just done a little happy dance and let an excited "SQUEEEE!!!" slip past my lips.

Okay, that's a lie...I did a big happy dance and giggled and "SQUEEEEEE"d and got giddy knowing my kids were gonna go bananas over getting to go to Valleyfair TWICE in one summer -- once to kick off summer and our traditional "winding summer down" trip. And they didn't prove me kids were OVER THE MOON about getting to go to Valleyfair again!

Even my teenager.

I didn't even have to ask him twice or beg or plead or insist. Dude loves Valleyfair as much as the rest of us! In fact (shhhhhh...this is between you and me...) when his baseball team experienced an upset in playoffs for state (we were rated #1 and lost in sub districts), Pal told me his first thought was, "Valleyfair!!!", 'cuz we weren't sure if he was going to be able to make it if his team advanced in playoffs!!


Know what I love about Valleyfair? There is something for everyone.

My hubby HATES big drops (so that nixes most rollercoasters and the Power of my MOST favorite rides...and sometimes the Extreme Swing) but absolutely LOVES the water park (included with admission!).

The wave pool is a newer feature that the kids (and Mr. Wonderful) can't get enough of. In fact, they usually start asking shortly after our arrival, "When can we go to the water 


What I love about the water park is my babe can frolic in the kiddie wading/splash area (where unaccompanied "big kids" aren't allowed to ruin the fun for the littles!) while the kids run off with their daddy (look at that handsome dude above...farmer tan and all!) to tackle the slides, the rafts, the lazy river, and the wave pool!

Guys? I can't tell you how much I ADORE Valleyfair. The decades of memories I have, the way we've gotten to watch it change and evolve over the years (and get more "high tech"!!) just doesn't get any better!

This year, Dubya was big enough to go on EVERY ride...and on EVERY ride he went! The Wild Thing, the Extreme Swing, even the Power Tower...dude was amazing!

And Hambone? His first year at clearing 48", which means he could ride the Extreme Swing (only the BEST ride, EVER!) made me nervous, but oh. my gosh...look at that face!!

Here I am, showing how I really feel about the Extreme Swing being back in action after being down for most of the day:

Holy moly was I excited!!

Then there are the "in between" rides (Valleyfair has a great thrill rating system...kinda like ski slopes!) like Thunder Canyon, which my kids "discovered" for the first time this year.

It was dubbed their favorite ride...mostly because it was thrilling enough for the "thrill seekers" (Dubya/Hambone) and mild enough for those a bit more timid (Belle/Belle's BFF).

The kid areas have a Snoopy theme and contain rides that entertain my 4 year old as well as my 10 year old!

I LOVE the memories we create as an entire family, enjoying one another and bonding over what I like to call "joyful fear"!

After all...the family that PLAYS together, stays together! ;)

Where do you like to go to entertain your whole family?


  1. Wait, where did the rest of the girls' bodies go in the Snoopy Rocket ride?

  2. LOVE IT! We have Canobie Lake Park here in New England. (Not Cedar Park but still FUN!)

  3. WOW that looks so awesome! Would love to go somewhere like that.
    Although not sure I could stomach the 'Xtreme Swing' looks very high and fast. Would be tempted but not sure I could do it!


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