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And so it starts...

Took Dubya on "Dubya and Mom" day yesterday...our "Back to School" event that I take each one of the kids on separately before school starts.

Tell me...this new pricing thing that JCPenney has going I just not "getting it" or does it seem to anyone else that, if anything, you are NOT saving money there? I thought the whole premise of the color coding, "one price" to-do was so that we consumers could save money "without having to carry a bunch of coupons around"?

I was skeptical of it from the get go, but I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a "good deal"...or even just thinking that I'm getting a good deal (as in, maybe the prices are higher but with a coupon I feel like I'm getting a know?), but yesterday, my skepticism was turned into full blown belief that I was NOT indeed saving more money.

Case in point: 2 jeans for Dubya, socks, a shirt and shoes came to 130 bucks. Seemed to me that I recall being able to get much more than that for that amount of money before, but I paid it, and we carried on with our day.

Until Old Navy. Glorious, wonderful $10 jeans Old Navy. Where, for a mere $60+ dollars we were able to get 4 (yes, FOUR!!) pairs of jeans, a pair of khakis, and a sweatshirt...and walk away with $30 in "Super Cash" to spend later.

Dear Old Navy, 
I love you. You kinda, really, already had me, but today's experience? It's like we just exchanged vows and I'm yours forever and ever now.

All my love,


  1. I don't understand the JCP thing either. I really used to enjoy all of the great deals they used to have.

  2. I'm glad I am not the only one who thinks it's bogus! I've been in there once and I felt like I was taken for a fool! They had much better deals with the coupons and the 70% off deals they would have. I haven't been back since. Old Navy also has my heart! ;)

  3. They started this new pricing in Jan. Since then, their sales have dramatically fallen. Either the new pricing, or the store in general, won't last much longer....I hope.

  4. I've actually saved more money since JCP changed their policy. I've never paid more than $12 for an item (altho my kids are still little) and have drowned my daughter in cotton sundresses at $5 apiece.

    Now, my opinion might change when I try shopping for clothes for my girls in the bigger kids' sections, or for myself, but so far, the clothes for them have been cheap. Altho this does make me think that maybe I should go shopping for myself more often...

  5. I haven't shopped at JCP in FOREVER. Never was excited about their prices.

  6. I haven't shopped at JCP in a long time, but my friends have all said the same thing you did about the new pricing. Seems like a joke to me. And ON is pretty awesome! :)

  7. Woah! That's a lot of money for children's clothing! WOW! I haven't shopped at JCP in a while and didn't know there was a color code going on.

  8. Yeah, I love OLD NAVY, they always have great deals for great clothes. Color code in JCP? What is that?> just seems like a trick.


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