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Five Question Friday!! 11/25/11

Well? How was it for you? ;)

My Thanksgiving (waaaaiiiiit...just what did YOU think I meant?!) was wonderful. Good food, great conversation, a little competitive gaming (Taboo, anyone?) could it be bad?

Santa comes to town tonight! Our town's annual "Santa Parade" is this evening, and the kids are PUMPED! The Christmas season is in full swing, now...there's no denying it or resisting it anymore!

We have another Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow...more fun, more food, more wonderful people.

And then? A year-long nap please. *yawn*

Okay, onto the task at hand!

Welcome to 5QF...the perfect answer for when your muses have gone and ate too much turkey and refuse to get off the couch. Lazy bums.

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning and LINK UP! Don't forget the very most important rule of all: HAVE FUN!!

Questions for Friday, November 25th: (Special thanks to @katieb38, @gasfamily,@mamaphan, Sharayha and little ol' me for their [our] question suggestions! I love linking y'all in 5QF...offer up a question suggestion in my community or watch for my Twitter shout out on Thursdays and I'll link you up if your question is chosen! If you go the Twitter route, remember to@5crookedhalos me and use hashtag #5QF!)

1. Is there a special dish you prepare that you are famous for?

2. Are you (did you) go Black Friday shopping ?

3. What are your strangest holiday traditions?

4. Pecan or pumpkin pie? (She actually asked "Apple or pumpkin?" I just T-giving'ed it!)

5. When will you put up your Christmas tree?


1. Is there a special dish you prepare that you are famous for?

Well, yeah, kinda. I mean...if you can call it a "dish". brothers demand that I bring my taco salad dip. Legend is that I make it best (I think that's code for, "I really like it but don't want to have to make it."), so I bring it to every family gathering.

I have also, however, started bringing (courtesy of a sister-in-law) Buffalo Chicken Dip...which is now a huge, dare I say "huger" (I know, I know...not a word), hit than the taco salad dip.

So, now I bring both.

I know...I'm known for my dips.

2. Are you (did you) go Black Friday shopping ?

Did not, have, would potentially given the right company.

Was planning on doing a bit of on-line Black Friday shopping, but my eyes are tired and my body is yelling at me to SLEEP!!!! So, I think I've gotta listen to them.

Besides, the deals will be there tomorrow. There's nothing that I can't live without
, so I'll sleep well tonight and fire up the ol' computer in the morning.

3. What are your strangest holiday traditions?

Trick question. No fair.

'Cuz if a person celebrates them, they probably don't think they're weird. No?

Seriously tho...I don't think I can think of anything off the top of my head...maybe I'll come back to this one if I think of something!

4. Pecan or pumpkin pie? (She actually asked "Apple or pumpkin?" I just T-giving'ed it!)

Pecan. Most definitely.

Although, my mom makes a "luscious" pumpkin dessert that we have on Thanksgiving that is...well, de-LUSCIOUS!

5. When will you put up your Christmas tree?

Sunday, baby! Long standing tradition.

We go to a tree farm and cut our Christmas tree down the Sunday after Thanksgiving. So, Sunday it is!


Sorry my answers are so boring...I'm feeling a little punk and don't have much of a sense of humor right now! Blah. Have a great weekend though!


  1. I loved your answers. They didn't seem boring to me! I would love to get that Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. It sounds yummy! I will not be "out" shopping today either. It is just me, the cat and the computer! I hope you have a restful weekend.


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