Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tids and Tads...and Halloween.

I think I'm on the mend (aren't you SO glad I've started YET ANOTHER post about my virus?!), finally! My bed is about ready to kick my stinky self out of it, so I'd better be!

Anyway...it just dawned on me, right now when I saw the Pioneer Woman's new header, that it is November. NOVEMBER. As in, all those Christmas displays I've been seeing for the last few weeks are no longer so ridiculously out of place.

You guys...NOVEMBER. Holy moly, I've gotta get my Christmas going...and I haven't even decorated for fall yet!

I know I'm a day late, and I TOTALLY lied about the Halloween photos (there were 13, not three) and since it's some unwritten rule somewhere that every blogger MUST blog certain things about certain dates (first day of school, Halloween, birthdays, etc...), you can no longer report me to the blogging police because HERE YOU GO!

Halloween '11 (and if you say "oh eleven" for that, Imma kick you in the shins.)...

My four youngest, whose older brother was at hockey and is too big to dress up anywho:

My freaky diva dancer:

My handsome Hulk:

Handsome Hulk practicing his pose for GQ (?!):

And, the cuteness behind the scary gorilla mask:

Until tomorrow my friends...


  1. Love Eeyore!!! My little guy was Tigger :o) Glad you are feeling better! I'm still voting every day for your Sister-In-Law, have a good feeling that she just might win!!!

  2. Looks like the kids had a blast! Glad you are feeling better.


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