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A Quickie.

It's late, but I feel like such a blogging flunkie lately that I just wanted to post something...ANYthing! So, here you go...a quickie for you!

Thanksgiving was wonderful...a low key event at my parents on Thursday, followed by a more festive celebration on Saturday with the extended family! Was fairly hard to get into a celebratory mood, as little Jack's funeral was Saturday morning.

Wow. That was a tough one. I am amazed at the strength his mama possesses (and dad and brother). Her faith runs deep and she knows her baby boy is being taken care of up in Heaven, but wow.

It has certainly made me more conscience of soaking up my kids. Of hugging them fact, Baby Girl got a little exasperated with me when I asked her (for probably the gazillionth time), "Hey Baby...know what?"

Baby: "What?"

Me: "I love you."

Baby: *sigh* "You say that all night long." *pause* "I love you, too."

Now, she doesn't even ask "What?" after my "Guess what?"...she just says, "I love you, too!", without even giving me the chance to say it first!

Today started off great. Church, a photoshoot with some family friends, then off we went to get our Christmas tree.

We were setting it up (and if you follow me on Twitter, you know what's coming...), the Mr. always does the lights and garland, then the kids and I take over with the ornaments, and I asked him (very nicely) a couple of times if he would please tie up the Christmas tree, since last year's debacle was still so fresh in my mind.

He reassured me that (since, you know, we had just gotten a new fandangled stand) it was fine. No need to worry, that tree wasn't goin' anywhere.

Not 5 minutes (coulda been 4) later, I was about to put an ornament on the tree when I realized that the tree was falling down on TOP OF ME! I screamed, caught it mid fall, felt my socks getting soaked with water from that damn new stand, and started yelling for SOME DING DANG HELP WITH THIS!!!

Lemme tell you guys was hard (like really, really, really, really hard) to bite back the "I told you so!!!!" that wanted to spew forth from my lips!

The tree is now tied down, temporarily, as the carpet needs to dry a bit more before we can move the tree back to where it's supposed to be, and I'm guessing that next year we either A) Have a fake tree, or B) Have a real tree that is immediately tied up.

Okay...forming coherent sentences has officially become VERY difficult, which means it's time for me to hit the hay!

Talk with you tomorrow (at you?) tomorrow (or, later today, I guess...seeing as it's 12:23 am!)!


  1. I LOVE your family picture. What I love most... half are dressed up spiffy and fancy and some...not so much! I.LOVE.IT! That's always what ours look like! It's real and it's you!

  2. A beautiful family photo!

    And I am all about the fake tree. As much as I adore all that is a real one, I have no patience to tend to the real ones. Fake all the way:-)

  3. My tree this year started leaning about as soon as we got it up - fixed it - decorated it - oh no, leaning again! Isn't it fun!

  4. Such a handsome family! Glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving together and glad you took pictures and shared all of the I Love You's!

    Sorry about the tree. Not fun! I used to fight with a 9 ft. fat tree, but in our new house I just got a smaller skinny tree and it is far less stressful....and I think it is just as pretty!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Well on Sunday we got our tree all decorated, within 10 minutes of finishing, my husband yells BECKY!!! I turn around to see my tree in mid fall followed by the sound of breaking ornaments. The first thing that came out of my mouth was oh no a Mama M experience!! lol Happy Thanksgiving. And special prayers going up for a special family!

  6. Love your family pic. I still have the one you sent the year before last. It's on my fridge :-)


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