Saturday, April 17, 2010

Parent's Night Out!

Ahhhhh...what a beautiful Saturday!

And, I'm totally slacking. I took a nap. I drank some coffee. I read People magazine.

Wow, my ambition today is totally blowing me away!

Ooooooh, wait! I did do something! I listed a bunch of new Personals today! Check 'em out...and, if you are already listed, I would LOVE to post your blog button along with your Personal! Would you let me know if you have one?!

Oh, and don't forget that the linky for 5QF is open til tomorrow night!

I've been meaning to show you something:

It's my new bag from Native Honey! I won it!!!

I still can't believe I won it! Isn't it pretty???

Tonight, the Mr. and I get to go on a date! ("A date?!!" Name that movie...)

We get to have dinner on the Corn Growers Association!

Well, you know...not on them (ewwww...eating off of people?? I prefer plates, thankyouverymuch.), but on their tab!

It should prove to be entertaining, at the very least. See, this is a group of people in which I so ridiculously don't fit in that I have accidentally become the comic relief.

Kinda like a circus freak show.

One year, I was making conversation with one of the farmers, when he proclaimed that there was 80,000 kernels of corn in a seed bag.

Me, dumbfounded, totally picturing this nice man sitting on the ground surrounded by little piles of corn ('cuz it's always easier counting large numbers of something when you break them down into little piles), counting, "63,745...63,746...63,747"..."Honey, come and eat!!"..."D'oh, where was I????"

I looked at him, mouth agape, eyes wide and exclaimed, "HOW do you know that?????"

And the entire room broke out laughing.

Apparently, among crop farmers, it's well known that there are 80,000 kernels of corn in a bag. In fact, I think they said it's printed right on the bag.

So, hubby brings me along to see what I'll say next.

I feel like I show up, people order a drink and just wait and talk amongst themselves..."what do you think she'll say this time???"

Circus freak show.

I'm tellin' ya.


  1. Okay, let's hear all about the date!

  2. Have fun at the corn growers association! Its funny what becomes a "date" :)


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