Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Fun NEW Forum!!

I have some fun, exciting news! (Nope, not pregnant...I always feel the need to clarify that.)

Crayon Wrangler, Kate, and myself are starting a new adventure! We have decided to band together to form a brand spankin' new Blog Frog Community..."The Fencepost"!



You say?

*Groan*...another community?!


Because, while there are already some fabulous communities out there, we wanted a community for women. With kindness, support, and zero tolerance for disrespect. A "grown-up" site, where women can ask questions of any kind and receive kind, respectful answers.

Our mission and vision with "The Fencepost" stems from waaaaayyyyy back in the day, when women would gather at their fenceposts to shoot the breeze, gossip, and give one another support.

Perhaps you "ride the fence" on where to "belong" in all of the forums out there...well, let me tell you, you will feel right at home at "The Fencepost"!

So, c'mon over!

I'll bring the bring the banana bread...let's start chatting!


  1. sounds awesome! that is why i dont visit *some* communities very much anymore because the bickering and disrespect is just nuts! I dont have time to read through all of that to get to the good stuff! I will def. come chat it up with you gals! "talk" to ya later!

  2. I may have to come over and chit chat, too! Great idea!

  3. I love this idea! Good for you guys! I'll have to stop by later!

  4. We had a white picket fence at our first house. It truly does give a good "feel" to a house. Luckily, I haven't witnessed any hatefulness in communities, just read about it through others. I'll definitely join though!


I love comments! And, I welcome your thoughts that aren't in agreement with long as they are respectful!


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