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My Sweet Girls

I was playin' around with my computer the other night...and suddenly, I had this...

It makes me teary...thinkin' 'bout my girls growin' up...

Man alive, do I love 'em.


  1. That was so sweet! I love that song!

  2. I'm all weepy at work.. So sweet.

    Extra hugs for your baby girls today Mama.

  3. AWW.. OMG that is just too precious! What doll babies you have! The pic of your oldest daughter (can't remember her new nickname) with the leaves around her face is awesome!

    Love this song.. love them.. just love it!!

  4. Wow... That was great! My Little Miss turns 7 tomorrow, so I'm all a wreck right now.

    Where's the pause button on life?

  5. I'm all teary now! That was so sweet! They are beautiful! I loved the photo of her kissing herself in the mirror! I remember those days!
    Why must things like toothaches and stomach viruses last forever, but our sweet babies grow up soooooo fast?

  6. You have absolutely, positively beautiful children, a handsome husband...and you are a gem. I mean it.

  7. Absolutely the most adorable think I've ever seen.

  8. Absolutely the most adoralel thing I've ever seen

  9. Oh for goodness sakes, I mean, the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I can't spell, my eyes were teary with joy and sentiment.

  10. That will be so nice for your girls to watch one day when they're older. Like a moving scrapbook with lovely musical accompaniment. Nice work, Mama!

  11. Oh how sweet! I've always thought you have the cutest kids, but then they have good genes! : )

  12. Darn it M! Made me cry in the middle of my workday :) Love you! Love them :)

  13. I loved it! Well done :-)

    What the heckneck is wrong with your comments!?

  14. that is one of the sweetest things, ever!!! what a lovely tribute to your precious girls!!

    (plus, Lady A rocks!!!!) :)

  15. Ok, now that almost made me cry happy tears! So precious!

    How did you make it???

  16. goodness gracious! Am I pregnant or about to start or something? I never cry with movies, books, pictures, etc. but this made me tear up. You have a beautiful family!

  17. beautiful girls ! i know you must be beaming !

  18. Beautiful! It's amazing how fast time flies by!

  19. What a beautiful song...what an amazing family. Just beautiful. ANd it is so true..I just can't believe how time flies! We've got to drink in each moment!!

  20. wow you've got me teary eyed now! i totally understand the feeling. my baby is 20 months tomorrow, and it seems like just yesterday he was born. loved the video.

    btw found your blog on pioneer woman. :)

  21. Great slideshow... well what I could watch of it before I started to cry. Makes me think of my kiddies and how grown they are now and how my oldest will be in college in just 3 short years. Whew pregnancy hormones in full swing here!!

  22. My daughter always tells me "Don't you want me to grow up mom" I secretly want to say "of course...not"


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