Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 4--Blogoversary Countdown!

***Update! Answers revealed below and points awarded in comments!! C'mon back for 5QF tomorrow!

Wow! This week is going fast! In just a few short days, this ol' blog'll be one!


Rather than do a quiz tomorrow...I'm just gonna keep it a standard Five Question Friday, so offer up your burning questions over in my Blog Frog community!

We're going for a little pop culture today, with our questions!! (I'm kind of a celebrity gossip I love this!)

Today's questions: (Same ol', same ol' point system as the other days!)

1. Which of the following celebrities is from MinneSOOOOta, dontchaknow?
a) Zac Brown
***b) Bob Dylan
c) Bradley Cooper

2. The movie "Jaws" was directed by who (whom?)?
***Steven Spielberg

3. In my post titled "If Only They Knew"...who is the "They" in the title?
***Patients, "sweet young mothers"

Okie dokie smokie...lemme see your answers!

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