Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Day My Husband Blew Himself Up

The other day, Mr. Wonderful was getting ready to make supper (I worked that day, supper was his duty!), cleaning the grill...he was gonna make some pork chops.

I was minding my own business when I heard an odd sound.

Kinda like a door slamming...followed quickly by, "Holy sh#$!!!!"

Alarmed, I looked out our bedroom window, onto the deck...where I saw my handsome husband looking down curiously into his hands (or so I thought)...fearing something terrible, I ran outside, and saw this:

Well, what the hey is he lookin' at???

Upon closer inspection I saw this...

Whatevertheheck is that on his arms????

Oh. My. Gosh. It's hair.

Singed arm hair.

And that odd sound...was our grill...apparently malfunctioning, so my beloved tried to light it with a lighter.


Not gonna say anything more on that, lest I want to get divorced.

He also had some nicely singed eyelashes too...brows were saved, but the lashes on his left eye have seen better days!

There was an odd smell of burned hair...and once I knew everyone was okay...lot's of laughs, guffaws, snorts, almost peed in pants, and "let me get my camera!!!!"

It was kind of hilarious.

And the pork chops were delicious!

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