Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Fault Parents

Every so often...just here and there...but very, very rarely...I get a little pissy.

Like...once a month.


Anywho...I get irritated and annoyed easily during this time.

The latest?

No Fault Parents.

Or, would it be "No Fault Children"? But that implies that it's the child's fault that they are a No Fault Child.

Oh, sheesh. I'll just get to the point.

And that is...

Parents who think their child can do no wrong.


I KNOW my kids aren't perfect. In fact, I don't WANT them to be perfect. We're human...we make mistakes, we ask for forgiveness, we learn, we continue on.

Then...there are "those" parents. The one's who blame every mishap on someone else's child(ren).

I wanna smack these parents upside the head, stare them down, and ask them to listen...to really listen to what they are saying.

I know one family in particular...who are constantly blaming someone else's (ahem...) children for every wrongdoing that happens.

I'll take it...I mean, um, the "other" parents take it. 'Cuz they know...they know that to "err is human", and that "erring" can only mean a good lesson learned...and opportunity to grow from the mistake...a chance to laugh, perhaps.

But, man...OH MAN, does it get old. This "blaming" other kids. 'Specially, when the "other kids" might possibly, perhaps, maybe be your own.


Like I said...I know my kids aren't perfect...but, dude...neither are YOURS! (That's what I'd like to say...I'm not really talking to YOU, you know. You know?)

I like to think "No Fault Parents" are an extension of Helicopter Parents. Swooping in to rescue their kids from the evils of the (*insert "Tales From the Crypt" voice here*) "other children".

The "other children" that are teaching their kids terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things.

(Confession here...I kinda, sorta, just a teeny little smidge, can understand helicopter parenting to a certain extent...I mean, who doesn't want to rescue their kids at times? But, kids do have to learn somehow, right?)

Anyway...all wishy washy helicopter parenting-ness aside...really? Do "those parents" really think their kids are so down and out perfect that they could never ever ever never ever think of a naughty thing to do all on their own?

I think someone needs a wake up call.

Am I wrong?


  1. OMG you are so toooooootally right :)

  2. You are right! Totally funny, I just laughed!! ;)

  3. I totally agree with you! These parents are missing valuable lessons they could be teaching. These children are going to grow up thinking the whole world needs to change to accommodate them. It's not healthy at all and is definitely frustrating when they are blaming your child!

  4. Amen, Mama M!! Very well put! I'm sooo not looking forward to the days I have to deal with this..they're not too far away! Eek!

  5. You hit the nail on the head! I can not stand parents like this!! Very well put!!

  6. I'd be happy to call them. Just give me their number ;)

  7. I have the "bad" kids. Which is weird because mine don't like really playing with other kids...at all.
    Just because you don't discipline your child does not mean you can blame mine. Preach on sister! I'm behind u!

  8. You are totally in the right. :)

  9. Wow... We have a next door neighbor that is a real ahem.. crap stirer. Then when it all falls apart, she is the innocent one. Her parents feel she does no wrong. I mean she is new to the neighborhood (2 1/2 years) and the other kids are sooo unaccepting. Please!!!

  10. I wouldn't be down with these kinds of parents at all. I would tell it like it is. Perhaps these people believe they are perfect as well. I see therapy written all over their kids (I love therapy but I gotta' point out when something is gonna cost someone a few thousand dollars in therapy down the line).

  11. You are absolutely right and there are far too many of THESE annoying parents these days...

  12. So true! Very well said. I wish I had said it myself.
    I just found your blog at Daze in the Desert. I loved your comment. You are right. Too soon, that baby will be 14 and then no kisses ...way too soon.
    I am an OB nurse too. I'm following now so I can come back often.
    :) Jen

  13. Helicopter Parents! Ha! I love the term. Not fond of the technique. Nor am I fond of the No Fault Parents.

    I am dealing with Helicopter Grandparent. Swoops in, "saves" her granddaughter who made her own problems by running from home and now has a heap more. Here comes granny to the rescue, super hero cape and all... {grin}

  14. Amen ...Little jonhnny messes up too lady! I have so been here...1st
    grade seems to be trouble water testin time for kids... Anyways I was excited because the comments were here the first time today! YAY!

  15. Haha so true. Another set of parents I hate are the - let their kids do anything and don't say a word!! Like dump dirt on your kids hair, run all over your flowers, pull out your plants. Stuff like that. Ugh! Even worse is when these parents live across the street from you.

  16. I'm choking this out in my best Shatner, "My...kids..are......not....perfect...??? What???"

  17. I am SO there with you!! Not only as the mother of children that have been the one's blamed, but also as a former BLAMED child!

    I am SO lol at IASoupMama with the Shatner voice! ^_^

  18. I've always been mildly annoyed with parents who think their own children are never at fault for anything. Ever. They aren't teaching thir children to be responsible or be accountable for mistakes they make. There is nothing wrong with a mistake, or even the occasional unmentionable word coming out. We're all human.

  19. We have a set of parents in our family that NEVER call their kids down, but point out what ours are doing wrong every chance they get. My boys are sometimes buck wild, but their daughter is bossy and mean spirited. It makes me want to let my kids get away with more when they are around.(Mature, huh?) I bite my toungue until it bleeds, because I'm not someone that can point out what their kids are doing! Hate confrontation!
    I wonder if their daughter would get on my nerves as much when she acts ugly if everyone didn't let her get away with it.
    I'm with you, parents, wake up!

  20. You're definitely not wrong! Those parents drive me insane!


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