Thursday, April 15, 2010

Carrie, Kegels, and Sex and the City

I'm a late bloomer.

As per standard in my life, I'm a day late and a dollar short when it comes to anything.

Nay, everything.

How long has it been since Carrie and her girls burst on screen/tube in Sex and the City? Like, forever ago!


Then there's me.

I'm just gettin' into it! I currently own the entire series on DVD, as well as the movie.

You'd think I was a die hard fan from the beginning...but, it happened accidentally, actually (I won't go into that, tho...).

Well, anyway...I'm halfway through Season 3...and, I just watched the scene where Samantha gets a catalog for "older" women, replete with vaginal weights (classic Samantha quote, "My vagina "weights" for nothing!" *snort*)...and the other girls start educating Charlotte on what vaginal weights are for.

Which leads to a discussion on kegels.


You just did it, di'nt you????

Admit it, you did!

What is it about that word, that causes an instant reaction to kegle-ize? (What the heck would you call it? "Oh, don't mind me..I'm just kegeling!" or "...I'm just kegleizing!" These are the things that keep me up at night.)

I think it's hilarious.

The knee jerk reaction that happens when we women hear the word, "kegel", and we immediately perform.

It's like some weird Pavlovian dog thing, or something.

Do you think guys have a male version of the female reaction to kegel?

Like, if we say "ice water" they immediately get shrinkage?

So, dudes...what is YOUR kegel reaction? Women...ask your men.

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