Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day Two--Blogoversary Countdown!

***Update: Answers revealed below and points awarded in the comments section! Tomorrows questions will include a little trivia with them...not just Mamacentric questions! Hope you come back to check 'em out!

Hey howdy ho, my friends!! Five more days 'til this blog turns one (still can't believe it!)!


Ready for some more of the "early days"? A little "blast from the past", Mama M. style?

Alright...here goes!

Today's Quiz Questions: (Same point system as yesterday...)

1. What is the name and date of the post where I 'fess up my disdain for all things *shudder* used? (hint...May...hint #2 "'fess up" is a hint)
***Confession! May 22nd, '09

2. I often refer to my three middle children as, well...the "middles" (creative, huh?!). In a post aptly named, I reveal the age difference between my two youngest boys. How many months apart are they? (hint...less than two years, greater than 20 months)
***21 months apart (Middles)

3. In one of my first "Talkin' Shop" posts...I told a rather hilarious story about a laboring mama grabbing me...somewhere...where/what did she grab? (hint...early June)
***My Belly Fat!

(Wow...this walk down memory lane makes me realize that I should go back and do some editing in my older posts!!)


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