Sunday, August 9, 2009

The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 1

Ever since we moved to our heavily wooded, mosquito, tick, wild animal infested haven, we've wanted to build a treehouse for the know, to keep them safe from the wild animals (well, okay, so the only wild animals I've seen are deer, crows, a couple of cardinals, and evidence of pocket gophers...but, you know, better safe than sorry, or something!).

Turns out the kiddos have talked Daddy into starting the construction...pronto!!

Only thing is (and they're not aware of this), is Mr. Wonderful is a perfectionist...and perfectionist that he is, things always have to be...well, perfect! And, to achieve said perfection, he!

Unbeknownst to Mr. Wonderful, I've decided to chronicle the evolution of the treehouse, and today, my friends, is Day 1.

Funny thing 'bout treehouses, tho'...usually they go in trees...turns out our trees like to fall down. In the still of the night. Yup, high winds, heavy snows...they don't touch our trees...apparently our trees have minds of their own and "ain't no wimpy wind gonna take me down" personalities, you know...if trees had personalities (who am I to judge? Maybe they do?!!). So, due to this treefallingdown-ed-ness we're putting our treehouse on stilts (Mr. Wonderful likes to call them posts, I prefer stilt)...nearby some trees ('cuz somehow that makes us feel better...rather than the treehouse falling down with a tree, it'll just get smashed by a tree).

Oh, but I digress...and here is the photographic documentation of TreeHouse building, Day 1!

Figure I'll post weekly "TreeHouse Chronicles"...who knows, maybe by next August, it'll be done!! :) (Shhh...don't tell him I said that!)


  1. Looking forward to hearing the "Tree House Chronicles"... Love you Blog!

  2. LOVE the idea of chronicling one of my hubby's projects! Once I spent a day updating my facebook status to reflect my hubby's progress with powerwashing. Does your hubby do this too? Once the powerwasher comes out, the day is shot ... he will literally spend the ENTIRE day powerwashing the driveway, patio, siding on our house, lawn furniture, kid toys, etc ... basically anything he can!

  3. I can't wait to see how the tree house progresses ;o)

    I too have a Mr. Perfecto/Safety/pretty-much-always- right kind of hubby (why is that, for goodness sakes!!!)

    Hey, it looks like night has fallen in that last pic... and is that the post/stilt leaning against a tree that Mr. Wonderful is doing arm extensions with in the first pic? haha is this an example of just how long this project will take to complete?

    Love this!!!


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