Monday, August 3, 2009

Pregnant Summer

You know how, when toward the end of your pregnancy you're tired of being tired and unable to sleep, eat, breathe, walk and are sooooo looking forward to being in the worst pain you'll ever know, that which is childbirth? How mother nature gears you up for the biggest challenge ever?

I feel like that about summer. Summer is Minnesota's version of are so hot and it's so humid and sticky outside for days and days on end that you actually start to look forward to fall and winter.

And then, winter comes and it's so frigid and bitterly cold for days and days and weeks and months on end, that you start to crave the heat and humidity of late summer.

It's like being perpetually pregnant, I guess. And I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

But, this summer is different. I can count on one hand the hot sticky days we've on earth am I going to make it through the miserable winter when I'm still longing for summer to arrive?! This summer has been waaaayyyyy to easy of a know, when you are at the point in your pregnancy where everything is glowing and hunky dory and you know that that baby is easier to care for on the inside?

Yeah...that's where I'm at with this summer...I'm enjoying it still, I want more of it, but I see the "due date" of winter fast approaching, and I'm not any wear near being ready for it.


  1. Here I was about to wish you a congrats and I tickled myself about summer/winter in MN! What a great comparison though. Here in TX, we just PRAY for cooler weather to come in November and last till April :)

  2. Wonderful comparison.
    I guess I would say the water broke here.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and when the spawn...err, kids go to bed, I look forward to reading a little more (until I collapse into a pile of drool on the keyboard)
    Alycia (Coloring Outside The Lines)

  3. Hi! Just browsing your blog :) Found it on the Blog Frog and it sparked my interest because I too am a nurse from MN and was pregnant during two of our "wonderful" summers. My first was born in late July (SUCKED being 9 mo pregnant in July) and my second was born late October (sucked even more being 6-7 months pregnant in July and August!). I feel for you but you are right, this summer's been oddly cool...

  4. Well, come on down to Georgia...we'll make you miserable enough. :) Of course we don't get the bitter cold in winter, just a chill in the that is nice too. :)

  5. I totally know what you mean. I live in MN too and I cna't even believe how cool it has been this year. But yet it's totally true that I would be complaining about how hot it was if that were true! :)

  6. Ohhhh! I re-read this post and now it makes sense!! So sorry for thinking you were pregnant! Must have been my kid-fried brain kicking in! Hard to concentrate when you can hear your children stirring in their beds not wanting to sleep :)


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