Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Ho, hum. This is my weekend to work, which, ah...means not a lot of time to blog. You know, between birthing babies (well, not me birthing them, but my patients), family time, and treehouse building...weekend blogging time is, well, nearly nil.

As opposed to weekday blogging time...when I should be cooking, cleaning, knitting, pickling, canning, dusting, rearranging furniture, etc. etc. Ahem.

So, anywho, thought I'd do just a quick little somethin' somethin' for ya, you know?

A little joke, for you on this gorgeous, but sleepy Saturday:

"How do you fit 40 elephants on a trailer?"

(Warning, this is a little, um...stupid, if you will!!)

(Oh! But, kinda silly, too!!)

"You take the 'S' out of 'safe' and the 'F' out of 'way'."

*Giggle*...when you figure it out, leave me a little comment...or, just chuckle quietly to yourself!

I told this to Mr. Wonderful when we were out on a date, shopping in JCPenney...he only got the punch line when he said it out loud...very out loud!! We giggled and chuckled like a couple school kids!

Enjoy your day!


  1. ROFL! Yeah, I bet saying that very loudly could cause some embarrassment.
    You crazy kids!

  2. Ok, am I dumb?!? I've said it out loud a few times and still don't get it! It must be a joke, riddle combo. I suck at riddles! I'll keep trying. If I don't get it in a little bit, I may have to ask for help!

  3. No Jamie, you are not dumb. I don't get it either!

  4. Okay, okay!! I'll admit, I didn't get it at first fact, it had to be spelled out for me!! So, do you spell way? W-A-Y, right? Is there an F in there? No, "there's no 'f' in way"!! Now, say what's in quotes out loud!! :)

  5. OOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHA. That is funny!!!!

  6. Thanx for the help! I DID giggle outloud!

  7. thanks for the help, i was too slow to figure it out. giggle

  8. Whew!!! Thanks for the explanation!!!! Geez Louise! I'm glad that I wasnt the only that couldnt get it! haha

    That joke had me stumped for quite a bit, then I realized hey, maybe someone commented what it meant :o) about "between birthing babies" haha... and the treehouse building...

    please tell me that you do NOT pickle and can! (I am very gullible), but if you have time and do your own pickling and canning...I am in awe!

    Love coming here! haha


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