Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Fun

Since Saturdays tend to be a little, well...mellow around these parts (our home and the blogging world), I thought I'd throw up a little post of some fun photos (ummm...that came out wrong. I won't vomit anything, I promise!!!).

Here you go...enjoy!

One cool chick!

Fun (or something) at the zoo!

Oh, Dear God!!! I hope this isn't a sign of future employment for Tiny Girl!

And now, my friends, we're off and running! Birthday parties for the kids, and a (free!!) night away for Mr. Wonderful and I!!

Have a fantabulous day!


  1. Have a great adults-only evening! Saturdays are mellow over here as well. Except, since the high for today is only 60 degrees in our neck of the woods (is it August?!?!), I'm trying to find coats and pants to wear this evening and tomorrow.

    I love fall. Oh wait, it's summer...

  2. Those are cute! Hope you have a great night - kid free!!

  3. I watched an episode of According to Jim the other night. Jim told Cheryl that her only job as a mother was to keep the boy out of a dress, and the girls off the pole.

    Quite certain that isn't a mothers ONLY job, but, it ranks pretty high in the priorities of lessons to instill in your children.

    Great pics! Enjoy date night!

  4. Hope your date night was fun!

    Love your photos! and as always...your hilarious humor!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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