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Not Me! Monday

Thought I was entirely too exhausted for a Not Me! Monday post. Turns out, with a little Mickey D's Iced Coffee, a girl can do anything! As always, you can check out MckMama's blog to read all about what other people "haven't" been up to!

Ahem...let it be known that I am not hoarse from a combination of allergies and some, ah, well...voice raising. No, I did not yell raise my voice so much with my children about getting ready for our weekend away that I am now hoarse. My word...what kind of a mother would do that? Certainly not one crazed by the hormones "Aunt Flo(w)" brings along with her on her monthly visit, and certainly Not Me!!

Speaking of our weekend away, I did not thoroughly enjoy myself. I was not dragging my feet about our "family reunion". *Shudder*...ugh, even that phrase "family reunion" causes me to break out in a cold sweat and become nauseated and green (but my aversion to family reunions is a whole 'nuther post, my friends). Not even sure why the weekend was dubbed a reunion, since it is with the side of the family, whose company I do enjoy, whom we see at least a few times a year! was not gobs of fun! So much fun, in fact, that I will not devote an entire post about it soon! But, no, I did not enjoy myself immensely!

I have not been glowing in the recent gratitude of a patient I took care of. They did not gift me with a thoughtful bag of thanks, that included, among other things, Oreo Fudgees. If you have not tried these, don't. They are not so delicious that you will want to hide the bag and hoard them all for yourself...not, um, you know, that I did that or anything. Heck no! Not Me!

Recently, at Sam's Club, I was not visited by someone who I am convinced is an angel. Tiny Girl was not melting down when we were visited by a delightful old man who stopped the meltdown in it's tracks. It, simply, was not amazing.

Happy Not Me! Monday, friends! Enjoy your week!


  1. Oreo Fudgees - yummmm!
    and no I "raise my voice" at my kids ever- not me!

  2. Your "not me" posts are very clever! I enjoyed reading.

  3. All mom's need "the" voice. It comes in various tones and sound levels. I tried my "voice" on a friend's pet. I didn't know if it obeyed commands, but I tried anyway. "Sit," I said in the tone. Wow, the dog sat. "Down," I tried. Down the dog went. My friend was like, "She's not that good for me." Well, her kids are grown up; she's out of practice! I'm still in the trenches!
    I think I need one of your oreos now:)


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