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R.I.P. Five Question Friday.

Once upon a time, a few (several? a bunch? Less than a handful, more than a couple, that's all I know) years ago, I started this fun little blog party that we know as "Five Question Friday", affectionately known as #5QF.

Soon, it grew before my very own eyes into a popular weekly link up, at one point, garnering *almost* 200 linker uppers! (I almost crapped my pants.) I like to think people came to read my witty, nonsensical answers, when really they probably just needed something to blog about that day and happened upon my little corner of the blogosphere.

Over the last several weeks, Five Question Friday has been dying a slow death..."question suggestions" coming in painstakingly slow (and after much begging and groveling on my part), participation dwindling, and my attitude toward 5QF turning from excitement to tolerance to "do I have to?".

Through the years I've had some regulars, some "one timers" and some now and then participants, and I've been grateful for each and everyone of you...but I think it's time we lay 5QF to rest.

I'm open to a resurrection at a later date, but for now, 5QF needs a good, long nap...kinda like me, only I don't want to be laid to rest, I just *really* want a good long nap.

So, with that, let us all bid Five Question Friday "Adiós!", its been real, it's been's even been "real fun"!

Adiós (for now) 5QF!!!


  1. Omg... I came to find 5QF because I'm lost and thought it was Friday and this post made me sad. :/ I hope it comes back soon! ;) <3

  2. Bummer! Summer has been so busy that I've lost touch with the blogsphere. BUT I signed on today to do a 5QF and it's napping. WHAT THE HECK AM I GONNA POST NOW?!?!? Perhaps when the school year winds back up and we're all in a regular routine??? I'm going to miss the ladies that ususally do a 5QF- it's like catching up over coffee with old friends.

    And also...just catching up on your blog posts: next year, my vote (I get a vote, right?!?!) for your family vacation is: SANDY IN MICHIGAN! SANDY IN MICHIGAN! SANDY IN MICHIGAN! SANDY IN MICHIGAN! SANDY IN MICHIGAN! SANDY IN MICHIGAN! SANDY IN MICHIGAN! SANDY IN MICHIGAN!

  3. I'll miss 5QF. It was so fun learning about you through your answers and the other ladies too. Maybe it will start up again after a little break.

  4. This is so sad. I am crushed. I hope it comes back soon!

  5. Sadness...*sigh* Alas, I know all good things must come to an end (even if only temporary). I think I even had a couple of tears line my eyelids and my chin quivered just a bit when I read this post, but I understand exactly how you feel. Once something becomes more of a "do I gotta" chore than an "glad I getta" one, it is time for a break. I'm gonna have to bribe my own muses now...yikes!

  6. The first link-up I ever participated in regularly.... it's the end of an era!

  7. Bummer! It was one thing that kept me motivated on posting. I hope it's nap isn't too long. :-)

  8. cry, cry cry and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA but so completely understand. As long as you keep blogging I will not pitch a fit too much

  9. Well I have sucked as of late, but I always come and read it :(

  10. Ahhh so sad! I used to do FQF all the time, stopped, and literally just this week wandered back over to your blog to find the questions. Understand needing a break though!

  11. I didn't participate, but I always did enjoy reading what new questions would come up :)

  12. Sorry I was a once in a long while attendee of the the 5QF. I always did love trying to help with questions too. I know you took a lot of pride in making this a place for people to share good, fun, important and most of the time personal information about our families. I think the world of you and you do great things and always show so much passion and compassion.

  13. ahh so sad. i loved stopping by and linking up when i had the chance. I loved answering your questions that you had. i hope 5QF comes back but i understand if you need to have a rest. :) hope you have a great weekend. !

  14. Chalk me up as an infrequent participant who is still sad to see it go! Thanks for all your work on it for all this time!


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