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Valleyfair '13!

Yesterday was our annual trip to Valleyfair...Minnesota's version of an amusement park!

My kids look forward to this day ALL. YEAR. LONG. Seriously. The day after our Valleyfair trip, at least one of the kids will pipe up with, "Mom, when do we get to go to Valleyfair next?"

As time has evolved, I came to realize just HOW MUCH my husband loathes rides, and I stopped hounding him to go on the giant roller might've been the year he was adamantly refusing to go (because he didn't want to be "forced" on any rides) that made me realize NOT everyone enjoys rides, even after they "try it just once and see!!".

He does not share my love for big roller coasters. Or free fall drops. Or extreme swings. BUT ours is the perfect match because he DOES enjoy the "spinny" rides that my brain (and stomach) can't handle! (Tilt-a-Whirl, Scrambler, Octopus type know, the ones that spin you so much your eyeballs can't keep up? Ugh.)

Needless to say, it was another successful trip! We came home with exhausted, sticky kids with sun kissed cheeks and awoke to rush out the door for swimming lessons.

I daresay this has been the busiest summer on file, yet.

Now, to get ready for our family reunion weekend this weekend! I will need approximately 87 days of straight sleep to catch up, after this week!


  1. I'm sooo with you on rides. Big roller coaster or free-fall drop? Bring it! (Though I may scream a bit...:) Spinny? Yeah...not so much. My hubby and I went on a ride during our honeymoon that we didn't know spun a lot. Let's just say I was so embarrassed I made him tell the staff they had to clean our car :/

  2. I'm opposite of you and more like your husband - tilt a whirls and so forth, I'm good, but those roller coasters and free falls... forget it! Now, my husband, LOVES the rides that you like!


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