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Whirlwind Disney...

Holy moly you guys...we did it. We're home. We're tired. We're right back in the swing of things, school for Belle and jammies 'til noon for me. :) And you know what? I've missed blogging. My computer battery died on Day 2 and being the uber organized person that I am, I discovered that I left my charger at home (along with one flip flop). Anyway...

I received the warmest, squishiest, lovliest welcome home yesterday...signs and hugs and kisses and more hugs and "what didja get us, mom?"s. My souvenirs were deemed a success and I canNOT wait to show you what I got for baby girl. It's my favorite present ever.

So, not sure if I actually put our trip to "numbers" but, we did 7 major theme parks in 4 days. Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, and Epcot/Magic Kingdom. We ran out of time at most parks and I could've spent an entire day at Islands of Adventure. No, scratch that, I could've spent an entire day at "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in Islands of Adventure.

Raise your hand if you're a Harry Potter fan...yeah, me too, and OMG I felt like I was really in Hogsmeade. They brought it to life, man! Olivanders wand shop? MUST GO. Mr. Olivander was spot on and magnificent! And the Butterbeer? Oh sweet Mother of Jesus, the Butterbeer?

I die. It was sinfully delicious. We're going to try to recreate it...I'll let you know how that goes.

And Universal Studios? Dude. They have a Despicable Me 3D "experience" (we started calling anything that wasn't a rollercoaster an "experience")...that I loved even more because they had "stationary seating" so my motion sickness didn't get the best of me! Again, I could've spent all dang day in that store!

Belle's favorite park? I totally called it before we even left...SeaWorld. (And I got to touch a dolphin! Squee!!!) We happened to visit SeaWorld on the very first day of their Christmas celebration...yes, you heard that right...CHRISTMAS celebration! I was amazed and very, very pleased to see that the parks (all of them!) used the word CHRISTMAS everywhere! 

And SeaWorld even put on a show about the night of Jesus' birth, complete with a live Nativity Scene!

It made my heart sing!

Okay, that's it for now...just received a phone call from the clinic that my biggest boy's throat culture came back positive for strep (Hambone was diagnosed Friday). Feeling like I'm biding my time for everyone else to get sick...


  1. We loved the Butterbeer too, and for an easy way to come close - cream soda, just a touch of butterscotch syrup, and if you can find it, butterscotch whipped cream. Not exact, but close enough to make my tongue happy!!

  2. Started Itty Bit on Omnicef for strep tonight and dosed everybody else with Young Livings "Thieves". It's suppossed to get rid of strep so I am being proactive! :)



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