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It's Horribly Tragic.

I am about to say something I have never said before.

That I swore I'd never say.

Ever, ever, ever, EVER say.

In fact, I'm not even sure I can write it. I'm so disappointed in myself.

It makes me so sad.

*BIG sigh* Are you ready to hear it?


Ugh. I'm not sure I can put it down in black and white.

Here goes nuthin'...


There. I said it. *sob*

Here's the issue...I'm allergic to Christmas Trees. (Well, I'm pretty much allergic to everything, Christmas Trees included.) I'm pluggin' along all fine and dandy and then we go scout out the best tree and chop it down and haul it in and the next thing I know? (Do not ask what I'm doing with my mouth...I can't take a good picture to save my soul.)


Uncontrollable sneezing. Watery eyes. Itchy throat. (Whoa. This sounds like a commercial for an antihistamine.)


Happens every year...only this year it's also making me a little wheezy and when a decoration starts to interfere with breathing, I'm thinking maybe it's time for drastic measures.

Like artificial trees. *waaaaaaaaaa*

But here's my plan...we'll still go Christmas Tree hunting, get ourselves a big, beautiful tree and put it up in the middle of our front yard, decorate it with lights and popcorn and things that maybe the birds will like.


I can't do away with our tradition of getting a real Christmas Tree. I just can't, so maybe, just maybe, this will be the best of both worlds? (Excuse the 47 consecutive sneezes I just sneezed on you.)

Someone tell me I won't ruin Christmas if we get an artificial tree...cause that's kinda what I feel like I'm doing! :(

Scrooge McSneezy


  1. I'm so thankful no one in our house is allergic - but my nephew is (his asthma gets really bad) - so they bought an artificial tree a few years ago and it's gorgeous. I'm actually shocked at how real it looks and feels. It was a little spendy (they found it on craigslist), but it's so life-like it's scary. They don't regret it for a minute, either.

  2. We have had both. And as much as I LOVE the smell of a real tree, a fake tree is REALLY nice. No watering, no worrying about it catching on fire. Very few needles. But it doesn't have the same feel, thats for sure.

    And, I know that you took that last picture, only so you could get a shot of your husband's butt huh? Admit it. I know you well enough! :)

  3. Oh, I feel your pain. Several years ago, we sold our house and moved to rental property. One of the terms of our contract was NO REAL TREES at Christmas. I was devastated, but the place was beautiful, on the river and very affordable. So we went with a prelit artificial tree. Did I miss it? Yes. But I got so use to the other that when we moved again, I still kept the artificial. But I do buy a Douglas Fir wreath. It was devastating but we survived.

  4. Aww :( Perhaps you could buy a candle that smells like pine or pick out a yummy scentsy smell (Iced Pine!). That helps my husband! He hates having fake trees but we're moving this year before Christmas so we'll be lucky if we even get to have a tiny Charlie Brown tree.

  5. Why don't you plant a tree in your front yard. We used to decorate with popcorn and cranberry strings for our bird friends. The only problem we had was when the cranberries would freeze and the birds would knock them selves out trying to get them We loved sitting by the window watching the birds and animals come to eat.

  6. You are NOT ruining Christmas by using an artificial tree!!! We have to have one for allergy reasons as well (not only sinus and respiratory issues, but my hubby also swells up with hives if he touches any part of a real pine tree). I love the idea of keeping the family holiday tradition of finding the perfect real Christmas tree and putting it out in your yard and decorating it--it will look so festive inside your house and out!! Believe me, you and your family will enjoy your artificial Christmas tree next year even MORE, because you will be more comfortable--and you won't have all the needles drop off like crazy like you did a few years ago.

  7. my sister Megan was allergic (still is), and we still got real trees. But I don't think she's ever been wheezy from it. We got our real tree the other day and I am SO worried that Connor is allergic-- his nose started running and he started sneezing a lot. Boo for allergies!

  8. We always got an artificial tree, because my mom & sister were allergic. I never knew the difference though. I LOVE the smell of real trees. My roommate always got a real one in my single days & I LOVED that we had a real tree. BUT - it was so much work! None of that is involved in a fake tree. And honestly... i don't feel like you lose ANYTHING by having a fake tree (especially the tradition of going w/ the fam to pick a tree... but i like your idea of keeping that alive & keepint it outside!) ;)

    So sorry. :(

  9. We have an artificial tree because my husband is allergic.

  10. Nah, you'd ruin Christmas more if you ended up sick in bed during most of the season because of the tree. I'm pretty sure your family would rather have you!

    On a side note, I ran across this picture on the web today and thought it looked like your Belle. Is it her? If not, it certainly looks like her, at least to me.|rt%3ASTANDARD|at%3ASNS||uv%3AAOL|lc%3Aen-us|mt%3AANGELIA|snt%3AScreenName|sid%3A42b53b44-8720-42d1-a913-ce91d60a1041&authLev=0&

  11. I like fake ones better than real ones. Don't have to water them, no needles all over, can leave it up longer, etc. And besides, trees aren't the reason for the season :o) -PeazyT

  12. Well, I don't think you will ruin Christmas. And actually, if you pay a pretty penny, you could probably find one that looks real AND get some really great essential oils made to put on the tree that smell like it. Then again, if you're like me, you might be allergic to the scent (never tried THAT one but there are some scents I can't have floating around in the air) :( I would have said keep up with the real tree even though you're allergic, but the wheezing is a bit much, even for me who is allergic but gets a real tree every year.'s to hoping my allergies don't continue to get worse to it :/ Allergies suck!

  13. You won't ruin Christmas. YOu might save it.

    My parents noticed that I got sick every Christmas several years in a row. They thought I was because we kept a relative's dog. They told her we couldn't keep the dog. Dad brought home the tree. I didn't even know he brought it inside - I was sick within 10 min of him bringing in the tree.

    Mom got an artificial tree the day after Christmas. The next year, She let Sis have a wreath in her room. I didn't know. Got home from school, was home for 30 min walked out and told Mom something is wrong - and fainted in front of her. I had a rash on all exposed skin and trouble breathing - go to the ER trouble breathing.

    Alleric reactions can build on each other getting worse each time.

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  15. As a person with severe year round allergies of all kinds (including evergreen trees) I have an idea for you. We had artificial trees for years (no trips to ER for allergy/asthma attacks, no needles to pick up YAY! Christmas scent and authenticity, BOO) because of my allergies. Until one year, an arborist suggested I try a White Pine. Long/med, soft needles, subtle evergreen scent, low sap and pollen. We tried one, thinking we could always put it out on the deck if I reacted. As long as I took my regular allergy meds, I had no problem with it whatsoever. Happy day!! We now get a White Pine every year and get to enjoy a real, beautiful tree for Christmas.

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  17. I've never in my adult life had a real Christmas tree because of allergies. When I was a child my parents had real trees until they realized why my mom and I both were always sick throughout the Christmas season. You'll find that you LOVE the artificial tree not only for the simplicity of its care, but because you FEEL GOOD! :) I think your idea of continuing your tree cutting tradition by getting one for the front yard is a wonderful idea.


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