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Halloween, Schmalloween

So, y'all know I'm the world's worst mom by now, right?

Halloween hater? I mean, WHO does that? ;) Actually, according to my Facebook question...I'm not alone. Which maybe should be comforting to me, but I still feel like a crappy mom anyway.

I mean, long ago I scratched "sugar cookie roll-outs" off my list of Holiday to-do's because it took years off my life when that damn batter just wouldn't roll out nicely and STUCK TO THE DING DANG COUNTER/HANDS/ROLLING PIN and so help me I wanted to run far, far away...and a few years ago, pumpkin carving slowly eeked it's way out of our lives and I can't say I'm sad.

See?  I told ya, MOTHER OF THE YEAR here.

(Does it improve my standings if I tell you I listened to Christmas music yesterday with my 4 year old because she asked? Oh, and also, because I love Christmas music.)

Anyway, I've decided that 97% of my Halloween loathing derived straight from the downtown trick-or-treating hell that I've been going to the last couple of years. As I fight droves of sugared up kids and mom's dressed like whore house hotties (and by "hottie" I mean "not at all") in and out of single storefront doors I began to be filled with bitterness about the whole dang holiday.

I'm sure the scowl on my face was more frightening than any of the scary masks being sported that day. I. Was. Ugly.

But, because even in my ugliness I still TRY to be a good mom, I did get some pictures.

So, without further ado, I present to you: my absent teenager who has now reached the point in his life where his girlfriend and friends are way cooler to hang out with than his crabby old mom, Katniss, a gorilla, a hunter and an Angel Fairy Princess Bride. (Don't ask about the Angel Fairy Princess Bride. It was all I could come up with after procrastinating...I guess my foul mood started before the downtown chaos.)

Here's to next year being a better Halloween!


  1. Aww, but the pictures are adorable. I would love to carve a pumpkin, haven't done that since I was a kid, but Greg wants no part of the mess Lol


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