Monday, October 22, 2012

I swear to you...

Viruses are virtually contagious. I'm quite convinced that when you sneeze on your computer, your germs are wireless transmitted through the air to far reaching areas of the world.

Just pay attention, you'll see...someone tweets about a fever and WHAMMO, now your kiddo has it. Someone blogs about being run down with a cold and SHAZAM, you're laid up in bed with a box of Kleenex and a bag of Luden's.

Oops, sorry about that sneeze I just sent to you over the Interwebs. You, um, might wanna wash your hands now.

Or take some Vitamin C.

Stock up on Kleenex.

And Luden's.

Maybe even get some ingredients for chicken noodle soup.

You're gonna need it.

Being that you just read this post and all.

Consider yourself officially inoculated.

Yours truly,


  1. That's not very nice of you at all. :(

  2. Oh this made me laugh! I'm so glad that's not true because then I'd really be working on trying NOT to get sick seeing as my hubs is quarantined to our couch (the only place away from baby in our tiny home).

  3. LOL this made me laugh. As much as I can. My throat is aching this morning. Maybe I'll make a glass of hot tea. Don't want to get you sick :P


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