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I am a Terrible Person...

And a horrible mother.

Confession: I hate Halloween. At least this year I do. 

I don't recall quite the loathing of Halloween that I'm experiencing this year, compared to years past. I'm not sure that I've ever really enjoyed Halloween...maybe when I had one wee little child to spend all day dressing up and getting all cute and excited to reach sugar highs of epic proportions, but I think, as I've added more children to my "need to get ready" list and more costumes to dream up/buy/plan, that Halloween has become, well, a burden.

Somewhere along the way, it lost it's luster. It went from being a sparkly, glittery party day to a cobwebby, dark, musty smelling event that I trudge through and put up with for my kids.

Know how many Halloween decorations I have out?


Yes, big, fat Z-E-R-O.

Sure, life has been a special kind of crazy these last few months, so I s'pose I could blame it on that, too.

In any event, I just settled 4 tired, sugar-high-crashing kids into bed with far less patience than they deserved.

I need a serious attitude adjustment.

Someone, shape me!


  1. I agree. I hate Halloween! My kids love it, though, so we do the whole costume/trick-or-treat, fall festival thing. But, I am so glad that it's over!

  2. We didn't decorate at all either. I had to do a story and craft time at the library where I work on Tuesday and we had 41 children running round in chaos and I did dress up for the event but apart from that I pretty much ignore Halloween. Too commercial and too much effort!
    Also we spend all our time telling children not to talk to strangers or accept sweets/food/gifts from people we don't know, then actively encourage them to knock on strangers doors and eat whatever candy they are given. Seems weird to me!
    - I've never Trick or treated in my life, my parents didn't approve.


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