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Clippies and headbands and korkers, OH MY!

Update AGAIN! Winner Announced!
Well, I took it to like usual and for the first time in the history of everything that exists, out of 29 entries, look what number came up:

The last entry?! Whenever does THAT happen?! Anway...congratulations to Meg and sweet baby girl on winning the loot!! Contact me, Meg, with your email address and I'll get your info over to Mimi & Co so you can claim your goods! Enjoy!

Update: Deadline extended until Saturday evening!

You know how I love to share a good thing with you, right? How, when I find something I truly love, I JUSTCAN'TWAIT to tell you all about it?

Well, I've got something to tell you.

Remember the "Great Haircutting Debacle of 2012"? Wherein, Baby Girl cut herself some (kind of adorable) bangs THE NIGHT BEFORE our family photos?

Yeah. That.

Turns out that as cute as those bangs were, I'm not keeping them. And they are now at the "annoyingly in the eyes"'s the kicker though...her hair? It's super fine. I could not (note the past tense use of that) find a single, solitary clippie, bobbie pin, barrette to keep those bangs out of her eyes...until?

Enter: Mimi & Co. Every year our town hosts a craft fair and last year I saw some adorable clippies that Kristin from Mimi & Co calls "Korkers" and I picked up a couple. Well, those clippies were the ONLY ones that will stay put in my girl's hair. So, imagine then, where do you think my first stop at this year's craft fair was?

Yup. Mimi & Co's booth, where I grabbed a couple more. Only to get home and realize I should've bought one in every color and then some. So, I looked up Mimi & Co on Etsy and contacted Kristin about buying more Korkers and a few conversations later and BOOM, we have a giveaway all planned out for one of YOU!

Let me tell you what I love about these bad boys...first of all, the adorableness of them. So cute and girly and in SO many colors and color combos! Love.

Second, see that shiny little bit on the inside of the clippie? It's a little swipe of silicone to help hold those fine wispy locks in place! 

And the alligator clip? So easy to quickly slide into your busy little girl's hair.

This is one of my reminds me of sherbet.

I just love, love, LOVE the color and the patters and the combos Kristin puts easy to match with so many outfits! ( about a yellow/gray combo? Love those colors together!)

To give you a size reference, I put one in my you can see, they are totally "everyday" wearable and cute enough for any dressy outfit, too!

So, wanna know what you can win for the little sweetie in your life? Take a peek:

Yes, one lucky winner will win the two headbands above as well as any 2 clippies of your choice! Believe me when I say you will LOVE Mimi & Co.'s products!

Here are the rules for you:
1. To be entered, head on over to Mimi & Co.'s Facebook page and give it a "Like", then come back and leave a comment telling me you "Liked" her page.
2. For a second entry, tweet the following: I want to win a Mimi&Co. grab bag from @5crookedhalos ! #giveaway
3. Giveaway will close October 13th at 8 pm CST. Winner will be announced Saturday October for it!

Disclaimer: Mimi & Co provided me with some of my beloved Korkers for this review/giveaway. I hereby solemnly swear that I do, indeed, love these clippies with all my heart and soul.

Good luck...and may the odds be EVAH in your favor. :) (How about a third entry if you can name that movie?)


  1. I 'Like'ed her page!! These are so sweet!! I would LOVE to win them!!
    Nichole Smith at

  2. I liked the fb page! Nicole could really use those!

  3. I liked her FB page! I dig those! Her headbands are adorable too! (Cause, you know...I'm destined to have a baldy until she's 2.) :)

  4. Fine hair fix for rambunctious 2 year old? Yes, please! I liked the fb page.

  5. I Liked Mimi & Co facebook's page. Those are so adorable and would be perfect for my niece! Thanks!

    AbbyMom S.

  6. Oh! Those would be great in my girls fine hair! And super cute! Liked :)

  7. Liked! I have a super fine haired baby, these will be perfect (if she ever grows some more hair!)

    Also, Hunger Games!!

  8. While not being into clippies (being of an age where simple hair retention is a greater focus than hair management) but I am into design and that itty bit of silicon is a great solution to the issue of managing the finest of locks...

  9. And your quote is from The Hunger Games--the only movie I've seen in forever.

  10. Even at 9 years old, my baby girl still has super fine, super slick hair! Clippies to keep her hair out of her face are impossible to keep in. These look awesome! Liked!

  11. Tweeted!

  12. And? Yes, The Hunger Games. My text message notification is the mockingjay call!

  13. Liked :) I agree - they're super cute!!!

  14. Liked on facebook...would love these for my new baby girl!

  15. I liked them!! I need these I too have a girl with thin thin hair and out of control bangs and NO interest in sitting still so I can cut them! :)

  16. I tweeted too! :) (@kasmith03)

  17. Hunger Games!

    ~AbbyMom S.

  18. I liked them :) Oh how I would LOVE to use these in my little girl's hair, especially considering her little wisps of hair bairly hold in alligator clips...

  19. and that movie is OF COURSE none other than The Hunger Games. Good ol' Effie! They did such a great job casting for that movie, IMO.


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