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Such is life...

I've been wanting to get a new photography faux floor...if you take any photos, you HAVE to check them out. Fabulous.

Anyway, remember when I won an "honorable mention prize" for my crazy 7th grade hair in one of The Pioneer Woman's photo contests? Well, that gift certificate to B&H Photo that I won has been burning a hole in my pocket. Or my cupboard. Or, well, you know what I mean.

(Truth be told, it had sufficiently burned a hole when I first bought a battery grip for my camera that ended up making my camera malfunction so I returned it and now I have a credit to B&H that is burning a hole in my computer and holes being burned into computers is a very, very bad thing. Longest. Run-on. Sentence. Ever.)

A few months ago, I had my eye on a PepperLu faux floor at B&H, but even with my credit, it was still close to $100 and the thing that really killed me was the shipping. It was over 20 bucks! Gah. Seriously? I think you could ship a small child for less than that.

(See? Isn't it beautiful...)

So, I put it to rest for a bit. I'd peek back in every once in a while just to check on that fabulous faux floor of mine and see if, maybe, the good luck gods were smiling on me and that it was half price with free shipping and small child thrown in as an added bonus.

Never happened.

Last night I finally decided to just do it. My mind was made up. No one and nothing ANYWHERE, ANYHOW was gonna stop me. I logged on, tapped in my search, scrolled down to that sweet little floor and...





Ugh. Grrrrr. RAWR!!! 




Yup. Really.

Reload again.

Uh huh. Still discontinued.

Reload one more time for good measure.

Yes, mama. Still discontinued.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *sob* *sniffle* *pout*

Stupid floor.

Who wants a fake floor anyway?



  1. That's my luck too! Sorry you waited too long. Maybe you will find something better. Good luck.

  2. Arrghh! I hate it when that happens! My entire color, not just the design, but everything in the base beige color, of my dishes were discontinued. I can still find them hit and miss, but they're much more expensive now. Maybe you can find somewhere that has the flooring on closeout? Just a hopeful thought.


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