Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something fun...

I have something very fun and exciting (possibly maybe more so for me than you...but I KNOW you will love it too!) up my sleeve.

I know I've talked about her before, but I'm not sure if I ever told you that my Gram is THE BEST COOK in the entire world. She is also one of my favorite people in the entire world. We spent a lot of time at my grandparent's when we were young, and the relationship that I have with them is something I will cherish forever.

A few nights ago I was thinking about how I really want to learn my grandma's tricks...what is it (besides infusing love) that makes her food taste so spectacularly good? And BAM! I had an idea...

Starting next week, I am going to introduce a weekly blog feature called "In the Kitchen with Gram" where we, together, will cook her fabulous meals and present them right here for you to enjoy and learn and for me to not only spend more time with my grandma, but also to improve my cooking AND have some technicolor posts of her amazing dishes!

Bear with food photography leaves much to be desired, but I want to capture the steps that I always seem to mess up: "How brown is "brown" when browning meat?" "How to get lumpless gravy?" "Why are grandma's mashed potatoes so smooth and delicious?" know, THOSE kind of questions!

WARNING: This will be a feature chalk full of comfort food and insanely delicious meals...there will be butter involved. And calories. And likely many fat grams. But your family will love you.


  1. What a great idea!!! I can't wait to see your posts! Your grandmother looks AMAZING! She looks like she could be your mom!

  2. Sounds wonderful for all involved...including us readers! Thank you ahead of time for the recipes and cooking tips!


  3. Ok...I seriously have to ask- do the women in your generational up-line AGE AT ALL?!?!? Seriously your mom and grandma look totally young! (Which is totally a bonus for you!) Can't wait to see some new recipes.

  4. Count me in! Grandma's cooking is always the best,no matter whose grandma it is.

  5. Oh I can't wait! And Gram...she looks amazing!

  6. I can't wait to see what you girls cook up!

  7. This will be great! I sure wish I still had my grandma with me to something fun like this.


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