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Overdue Update:

So last week (no wait, it was the week before...sorry), we had Baby's surgical consult for the bump on her leg.

We saw the same surgeon that took out Belle's appendix (we kinda really trust him and like him) and were presented with some options.

He, too, says that it is likely nothing at all. ("nothing" meaning "cancer") He said something along the lines of "The possibility of it being cancer are...well, I won't say 'non-existent', because there's always that chance, but that chance is very low."

When I asked what his recommendation was and he replied, "What would I do with MY kid? I'd watch it.", it cemented my "like" of him. Love that he knew exactly where I was going with that question.

He said he has no issues with taking it out if we wanted, that if we just couldn't stand NOT knowing what it was, that he would take it out. Likely, that would mean some anesthetic and "surgery" time, because of her age, but he also said he would be willing to attempt removal in the clinic if we wanted.

He said if we went the clinic route, we would just get a prescription for some cream (Emla or LMX, for those of you who like to know specifics) to numb up her skin for the lidocaine injection, then he'd cut it out, stitch it up with dissolvable stiches and she'd be on her way. IF she cooperated. If not, then we'd find ourselves booking an OR room for "real" surgery.

Of course, there runs the risk of infection, blood loss, nerve injury, and/or disfigurement...all of which are very unlikely, but possible.

So, here's where we stand...for now, we are going to watch it. Watch for changes in size, shape, appearance (you can't see it right now), etc. I worry that if we go the "take it out" route, and one of those "very rare" risks comes to fruition, will we kick ourselves for putting her through it. Also, I worry that by waiting, we are possibly letting the "c" word live in her body.

All risks...all possibilities...all very low chances.

I am comforted knowing that Dr. M said that if we change our minds AT ANY point and just want it out, to call and get it scheduled, no need to come back and have another consult.

*Sigh* Did we make the right decision?


  1. No one likes to have their children operated on. If the biopsy shows nothing then she can live with it until it gets in her way

  2. I would have done the same thing.

  3. That's what I would have done. Bodies are FULL of abnormalities and if we start down the route of getting rid of each and every one of them? Yikes... You have to know that you'll KNOW when it's time. You're a wonderful mama and a fabulous nurse - you'll know. Is it something you can draw a circle around or put something next to and take a picture for reference? If you can, you'll save yourself a TON of fretting and agonizing over "has it grown? Is it bigger? How big was it to start with?"... *ahem* not that I've been there or anything.... *ahem* Hang in there. And if ya do decide to take it out, I'm sure she'll get through that just fine too. You seem to make tough kids :o)


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