Monday, May 9, 2011

Then and Now.

Just 'cuz I want some sympathy from those of you who are basking (sweating?) in the 100 degree heat down south, let me show you some photos...

Last year, our farmers started planting corn in March (unheard of 'round these parts) and were done by now...this year, they've barely started their planting, and it's almost mid-May.

Last year, our apple trees were in full blossom:

(Photo taken April 26, 2010)

This year? Take a peek:

(Photo taken May 5, 2011)

Last year, our flowering shrub was FULL of gorgeous flowers:

(Photo taken May 9, 2010)

This year? Nothin'. Barely budding. (Not to mention, it got pretty beat up by the oak tree that fell on it!):

(Photos taken May 5, 2011)

Sigh...such is life, right? And, when I'm complaining of the heat and humidity in August, will someone please point me back to this very post and tell me to shut up and enjoy it while I can 'cuz it won't be too long and we'll be back in the throes of a never-ending winter/spring and longing for heat and humidity again? (Forgive me for that ridiculously run on sentence...such is the way my brain works...)

Longing for some "spring-like" weather...

Yours truly,


  1. I live in AZ and we keep going back and forth. This weekend was in the high 80's, but then today it's cold and rainy. I keep switching from AC to furnace and back. And it's never in the middle, it's either blasting heat, or freezing cold!

  2. I just noticed our trees in full bloom over the weekend! Yours is coming!!!

  3. I'm SO with you. As a farmer's daughter, I am just floored that my dad hasn't been able to get in the field yet. We have water EVERYWHERE! We do have some pretty flowers STARTING to come, so don't lose hope. It will happen!

  4. Bless your heart! We have had days where it has been flip flops and tank tops in Tennessee only to have it drop to the 40's the next day and drag out the socks and sweatshirts. It is crazy. This too shall pass.

  5. Well, you got it right when you said "sweating"! Definitely no "basking" in the hundred degree heat! We didn't have much of a spring...2 or 3 days of GORGEOUS weather & then HEAT! it's so hot today! WHINE!!!! LOL. But I would be sad too...winter can get dreary! & that tree in full bloom is so happy & fun! I hope you have gorgeous sunny days soon!


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