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Forest Park, GA...Breastfeeding Ban

Update Below!!!

Original post:

The buzz all over the place is about this ban that is set to take place, courtesy of some misinformed "City Manager" (is that the new "politically correct" term for "Mayor"?) who is going to prohibit mothers from breastfeeding their 2 year old (or older) children in public.

I'm not going to write about the ban, I think other people have covered that (right, This Daddy?!), so much as something else that is slated to take place. Word on the street is that there is going to be a "Nurse-In" know, a sit it, a protest, a movement to show this ignoramus "City Manager" that he has made a poor decision.

I am a huge breastfeeding supporter. I am a former Lactation Consultant, I help new moms breastfeed their babies every single time I work, I nursed my own 5 children for a total of 63 months.

No, my intentions for this post are to voice a concern that those who are going to participate in the "Nurse-In" have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They can do this respectfully and make an impact...but I'm afraid (and I sure hope I am wrong) that there are some people who will take this "Nurse-In" to the extreme.

What I'm trying to say, is that I hope these breastfeeding mama's handle themselves and the situation with respect and dignity. Perhaps I'm being silly for voicing these concerns, but all it takes is a couple of inappropriate people, overzealously trying to make a point, to ruin the whole message that the "Nurse-In" is trying to make.

We want to see this ban fail...we want to show these people that public breastfeeding is NOT indecent NOR should it be considered nudity. It is a way of nourishing and comforting our children in the very best way we know how.

So, Georgians, here's to a successful, respectful, "let's sock it to 'em" Nurse-In. Show these people that their decision to ban public breastfeeding is a poor one. \

Just don't give "them" any ammunition...

Update: I feel that people are putting words in my no way do I mean that I think people should cover up when breastfeeding. REMEMBER...I'M ON YOUR SIDE!! Breastfeeding is natural and normal and wonderful!! What I'm afraid of, is that in every group, there seems to be people who go "above and beyond" to make a point, you know, radicals.

I would just hate to see someone blatantly showing a breast to make a statement. I don't want the media or this "City Manager" to have ammunition to say, "See? This is why public breastfeeding should be banned."

By "extreme" I did NOT mean to imply that I think people at the Nurse-In should cover up. Do what you prefer!! Gah...did I make myself anymore clear?

Once again...I'm on your side!!! I'd be there nursing right along side you at the Nurse-In if I still had a breastfeeder (and lived anywhere near Forest Park!). Good luck...I hope you get this overturned!


  1. I agree with you. Make a statement by simply and respectfully nursing your child. There is no need for extreme measures as those only distract from the issue.

    Well stated post Mama M

    that is all

  2. WOW!!!

    I BF my oldest till he weaned at 14.5mths old and am currently BF'ing my 4mth old and will until he weans himself like his older brother.

    I have no problem with people nursing in public, but I do ask that they be respectful of my husband and my older son that knows what a breast is and put a nursing cover or recieving blanket on. I do it. I do it for my husband (I don't want to show off my body to other people) and I do it as a respect for all the people around me. Yes, they know I am nursing, but I'm able to do it respectfully. It is a natural thing and I love it, but it doesn't need to be shown to the whole wide world. We do not live in a society or culture that accepts nudity in public.

    I hope that the Nurse In goes smoothly for them all.

  3. I have breastfed all four of my children. I totally agree with what you are saying!

  4. Agreed!
    I breastfed both of my kids till they were a year, and while I fully support breastfeeding in public, it just wasn't for me- I only did it a handful of times and just felt uncomfortable...we always had a supply of bottles pumped out so it was never an issue for us going out.
    But anyways- I can see this getting out of control, like you are warning against. I hope it goes well and that the ban doesn't go through!

  5. I'm not sure what take the nurse in to the extreme means.
    If it means not using a blanket or cover while nursing then I will be one taking it to the extreme.
    I have a hard time with comments like "be respectful of my husband and children." Educate your husband , and children that breast are for feeding babies.
    And breastfeeding in public does need to be shown everywhere,then it wouldn't be considered as "nudity". I see more skin in skimpy low cut shirts than I have ever seen in any mom nursing her baby.

  6. Whether the kid is 2 or 2 months...It's still the same boob, right? I mean I have never breastfed because I don't have kids, but last time I checked you still have the same boobs 2 years later...

  7. First off, I want to thank YOu MamaM for blogging about it. I dont the reason you did it, but you did it. That is awesome enough for me. I have always been a huge fan of yours and this puts you up near the top.

    Joshua and Matthews Mommy, I have to with all respect disagree with some of your comment. I can by no means argue with you or tell you that you are wrong, I can only disagree.

    I would never ask my wife or any other mother to cover up. Just like I dont ask rude foul people to go eat elsewhere. And Im sorry, I do not see breastfeeding as showing your body off to other people. I do however appreciate your well wishes for the Nurse In on Monday

  8. All that's needed is someone with a Rosa Parks demeanor to do what she knows is best for her child. Go ahead and arrest her, and see what kind of publicity is garnered.

    No grandstand play is needed. However, it's going to be a zoo...

  9. What a great take on this matter! I do not have any children as of yet but I support breastfeeding and think it's incredibly sad how some people/groups make it into a sexual topic, which is so obviously is not! But at the same time, I'm going to be honest and say that it still makes me a little uncomfortable if I'm at dinner or somewhere else very public and a woman isn't a little modest. While I fully do support breastfeeding I also think women should have a little modesty while providing their children nourishment. I think breastfeeding is a very important and close bonding moment :)

  10. "it still makes me a little uncomfortable if I'm at dinner or somewhere else very public and a woman isn't a little modest. While I fully do support breastfeeding I also think women should have a little modesty while providing their children nourishment."

    Seriously??? Valene..What about a woman at dinner that has her boobs hanging out of her low cut blouse or shirt or her ass hanging out the bottom of her skirt or shorts. Does that make you uncomfortable???? Being modesnt has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. We are not talking about a man whipping out his penis and being sexual about something or a woman at mardi gras lifting her entire shirt and showing 2 full breasts.. we are talking about a woman who so happens to have a babies head covering the boob and eating which by the way is covering the nipple which is what all the crybabies had an issue over with Janet jackson

    Go up people, modest and cover up. Please

  11. I personally think this idea that a woman needs to cover herself when nursing is the attitude that makes moms feel ashamed and judged for trying to do nothing but feed their babies. Women should be able to feed their babies any way they want to. If they want to cover, then go for it, but covering has rarely worked for me and makes me feel more self conscious. The important thing is that women are breastfeeding, now how they look when doing it.

  12. I live right outside forest park and I'm planning on moving back there very soon, it's a shocker to hear this. It's so crazy. These people act like their mama's didn't breastfeed them in public. I hope it fails!

  13. Great post. My big issue is with the fact that the ban doesn't go into effect until the child is 2 years old. Sounds more like an issue with extended breastfeeding than nudity. I would actually think you would see a lot less skin when nursing a toddler than nursing a newborn. I mean, my 10 month olds head is a heckuva lot smaller than my 26 month olds.
    It will be interesting to see how many mothers of nursing toddlers participate as I'm afraid that this concept has become so "taboo" that their aren't many around.

  14. @This Daddy, I am not sure why you feel the need to comment with vulgarity towards anyone that may disagree with your view point. Without understanding you will never change anyone's mind or allow them to understand where you are coming from.

    To quote you: "What about a woman at dinner that has her boobs hanging out of her low cut blouse or shirt or her ass hanging out the bottom of her skirt or shorts. Does that make you uncomfortable????" -- If you would like to make your own post about that, feel free to. Until then that has nothing to do with THIS post by Mamma M. Most of society appreciates modesty, whether that be breastfeeding or a miserably dressed woman "with her boobs hanging out".

  15. I hadn't read about this until now, but I will be looking into it and hope to learn why the city manager is taking and making this stand on breastfeeding. He/She city manager needs to step into the world of feeding babies and toddlers, it is all about the breats. I breatfed my children and my youngest nursed for over 4 years.

    FYI: A city manager is not the mayor. The mayor is an elected position. A city manager is a position hired by the city council members, who are all elected into position.

  16. Sounds to me like this is more about the age factor, than the "OMG, a boob!" factor. Boobs are everywhere these days...really, does anyone really care? It's just a breast. I saw a billboard the other day that made me blush (and I've worked in a prison, truly seen it all!)...I don't even know what the heck it was selling. If we have such a problem with nudity, why aren't people up in arms about that? Not so....whatever they were promoting is sure to be a top seller!

    If a breastfeeding mom wants to cover up, fine, but if she doesn't.....I think we asking the wrong question here: Why the heck are you looking at her? Funny how those the most offended, take the longest looks. I think you would have to be watching the proceedings for more than a few seconds to actually catch a glimpse of breast..?? I mean, there are some tell tale signs that would let you know the breast is about to make an appearance. Why are you still looking?

    The length of time to breastfeed is a mother's personal decision. As for you who disagree: it's like anything else you might disagree with: turn the TV channel, turn off the radio, don't shop at that store, don't buy that tuna --- or how about avert your darn eyes. Take care of your own matters and leave other people alone to find their own way. Really....if you are secure about your own morals, values, beliefs...why would it even bother you?

  17. I am from the Atlanta area and I am familiar with Forest Park. I think the most overwhelming thing to point out is that less than 10% of babies in Georgia are exclusively breastfed for 6 months. In my opinion, THIS is what mothers should be up in arms over. Where are the volunteers to encourage awareness in hospital? How many letters were written to pediatricians to raise awareness of AAP and WHO recommendations?

    Nurse-ins are fine and good and they can have positive results...

    Back in 2006 I participated in a nurse-in at Victoria's Secret. It was after the big to do about a nursing Mama being denied access to a fitting room to feed her child. Here in TN, the employees of our store were polite, welcoming and encouraging to the mothers that showed up. We were all respectful in return, and I think both sides won.

    However, I would like to see more Mamas advocating breastfeeding education rather than nurse-ins which only seem to feed the frenzy that breastfeeding mothers are a little bit nutty.

    And that last line? Take no snark from it... I breastfed my singleton through pregnancy until she was 16 months old and my twins for 2.5 years. I never covered up. My girls are 6, 5 and 5 now and they nurse their own babies in public sometimes. ;)

    When I moved past the actual breastfeeding stage, I really saw the importance of advocacy and education over one day of sensationalist media coverage.

  18. Thank goodness for the city manager of Forest Park, GA. For being so narrow minded, this person has brought to the forefront an issue that politics should not be involved.

    It is time politicians get out of our personal life.

    The feeding of a child by a mother in a natural manner is not sexual, pornography, or perverted except in the mind of a select minority -- the mind of politicians. We need to spend more time getting these people out of office then defending the right of mother's to feed their children.

  19. Interesting. Let's see, it's ok to breast feed in public because it is a natural function? Then it must be ok to pee in public or get sick in public or ... well you get the idea. Just because it is a natural function does NOT mean it is OK to do it in public. Which is why many of these functions have been frowned on or banned from public views. Please stop the whine.

  20. I'm apalled by this whole nursing ban. Ick. I hope the Nurse-In went well and people were modest. My dh is in the military, and the local MTF made a nursing room because some mother was nursing her child in the waiting room. Instead of pulling her shirt up just a bit, she pulled the front down and left her chest entirely exposed. I don't wear a cover up or use blankies (they annoy me and my kids get frustrated with, they have the right to be able to look around while they eat like everyone else!) but I won't walk around with the vast majority of my chest exposed. To me, that's not just nurishing your child. That's inappropriate. It frustrates me that now, we have to go to a seperate room to feed our babies just because someone didn't want to practice modesty. It makes me feel like we're doing something shameful when in reality we're doing something wonderful! grrr.


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