Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've gotta hand it to him...

And to you, working mothers of the world.

Today, I worked a day shift. As in 7-3:30. For a girl who's used to working the evening shift (3-11:30), it's quite a change.

I also re-discovered why I enjoy working the evening means I get to spend the "best part" of the every day with my kids! You know, the part of the day in which kids are fresh, well rested, willing to cooperate?

I picked up the kids from daycare and proceeded to have a Babe that cried on and off (mostly off) and threw a fit walking out of the store (actually, she scooted out on her knees, to the enjoyment of many customers and the dismay of her mother) and insisted over and over and over again (really, really loudly with lot's of tears and probably some boogers, too) that "I need me, mom!!!" while I was trying to make supper.

Top that with the fact that spring really has decided to spring and pollen is partying it up in the air which leaves me sneezing (843,925 times a day) and sniffling and tired (does anyone else get absolutely wiped with allergy attacks?!) and I was tuckered out.

Then it dawned on me that twice a week for the last 10 years, this has been my husband's life (minus the allergy thing, lucky sod doesn't have a single, stinkin' allergy). Why it took me 10 years to see that, I don't know, but regardless, he's amazing. He's incredible and I love him even more after my little epiphany tonight! (He's slightly dumbfounded that it is just now dawning on me that he does this whole work/pick-up/supper/bedtime thing all. the. time.

How did I get so lucky?

Oh, yeah...and all of you working moms (and dads) who do this day in and day out?

You're my heroes. Give yourselves a pat on the back from me tonight...'cuz you are, seriously, rock stars.


  1. Yep, that pretty much describes my, daycare, dinner, baths, brush teeth, bedtime...on my own. But I love being able to tuck them in and snuggle next to them sometimes.

    But sometimes I do wish I could be with them during the day when they are fresh.

    Oh, and I try to avoid going to a store after I pick them up because it's usually meltdown city, as you experienced! :-)

  2. Thanks for the pat on the back! I usually feel like we are being chastised. :P

    And I also NEVER take the kids to the store after daycare. Danger, danger. I basically only go shopping on the weekends. With the crowds. Yay.

  3. I walked right out of a grocery store with daughter in tow after a temper tantrum to beat all and left a full cart of groceries. Boy, was she shocked. I think she was 3 maybe 4 at the time (she's 26 now!) and I've never let her forget about it! We both laugh about it today.

    I'm a new follower. Saw your button over at "The Beckers" blog and was intrigued. Great blog!

    ~Mrs B at


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